“Winter”, Bulgaria

Bulgarian premiere:



Country: Bulgaria

Year: 2021

Director: Victor Troyanov

Duration: 34 mins

Description: “Winter” is а Bulgarian freeride movie that touches the topic of the environmental problems of our time. In a snowless winter, a famous freeride skier from the recent past is caught by the gray routine life of the polluted city. Unexpected meeting with two kids on the street provoke him to discover his grandfather’s old family albums, which captured the snowy winters of the past. Absorbed by the photos, the young man is carried away to the world of the winter mountains. Is the the winter lost forever? Locations: Pirin mountains, Rila mountains, Rhodope mountains, Balkan mountains, Vitosha mountain Cast: Simeon Pavlov, Valeri Peltekov, Ivaylo Ermenkov, Tony Cheresharov, Daniel Uzunov, Ivan Troyanov.



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