“What if you were told you can?” (Spain)

 “¿Y si te dijeran que puedes?”/ “What if you were told you can?”, Spain, 2017, Javier Alvaro, 64’

Sergio, Bea, Gonzalo, Emilio and Fernando are from different generations. Their preferences and interests are very different. Yet, in spite of their efforts, society tends to group them under one same tag: that of mental patients.
Our five protagonists -schizophrenia patients with no previous experience in extreme sports- have decided to join some of the best Spanish mountaineers and their association (AVIFES) in one of the greatest projects of their lives: fighting the stigma associated with mental illness.

In order to do so, they will have to tackle increasingly difficult trials over several weeks, such as ascents to nearby hills, via ferrata, climbing at Mallos de Riglos rock wall, a rafting trip or a hot-air balloon ride, all aimed at getting them ready for the final challenge: climbing the south side of Mount Naranjo de Bulnes, an experience that will change their approach to life.

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