“Wallride” Germany

Country: Germany
Director: Tom Dauer
Year: 2022
Duration: 53 minutes
Trailer: https://medienserver.glowacz.de/index.php/s/pH4NnfEoGIraNHS
Original title: Wallride

OVER ALL MOUNTAINS – The WALLRIDE PROJECT BY STEFAN GLOWACZ; 46.184 meters of altitude – 2.274 kilometers – 2 first ascents; The numbers can only give an abstract, very vague idea of the incredible effort that professional adventurer Stefan Glowacz and his partner Philipp Hans had to make during their WALLRIDE project this year.; After more than two months in the saddle and on the wall, the two athletes returned safely to Berg am Starnberger See on August 30, 2021. There, on June 25, 2021, the CO2 neutral adventure started: on mountain bikes, with a lot of muscle power and even more ability to suffer. The first goal was in the eastern foothills of the Dolomites, where a first ascent was made on the 800-meter-high southeast face of the Croda Bianca, a 2,840-meter-high rock cathedral in the Marmarole Group.; The second goal for Glowacz and Hans was almost 1,000 kilometers away in the westernmost foothills of the Alps, on the 2,709-meter Pic de Bure in the French Maritime Alps. On this mountain, too, the duo climbed a first ascent on the 700-meter east face. Both routes, which they christened “Wallride Vol.1” and “Wallride Vol.2,” are in the 8th and upper 8th degree of difficulty. Both routes were climbed in alpine style with one bivy each on the wall.; The route from the front door in Berg / Starnberger See and back led from east to west over the entire main ridge of the Alps. The two professional athletes used exclusively mountain bikes (without electric assistance). The equipment, weighing a total of 35 kilograms, was transported under their own power in specially designed trailers. On their ride through the Alps, Glowacz and Hans did not use country roads connecting valleys, but followed old supply routes or trails that took them over countless mountain passes. The extraordinary route, the method of travel – 2,274 kilometers, over 46,000 vertical meters under their own power – were as much the goal of the WALLRIDE project as the first ascents themselves.; For Stefan Glowacz, the renunciation and reduction of motorized means of transport have played a central role in his expeditions for many years. In 2018 and 2019, Glowacz and Hans sailed to Greenland in a 14-meter steel yacht to cross the world’s largest island from the west to the east coast at its widest point and finally climb a big wall first ascent in Scoresbysund.; Stefan Glowacz on the WALLRIDE project:; “Already in 2018 on the ice cap of Greenland, Philipp Hans and I had the idea for the WALLRIDE project as a logical consequence and further development of the sustainability approach in our adventures and expeditions. In the past, climbers used to travel to the big walls of the Alps on bicycles. Of necessity, because they had no other means of transportation. Our WALLRIDE project was, of course, inspired by history, but reinterpreted in consequence and dimension and thus unique. In the WALLRIDE adventure, we combined two different sports – mountain biking and climbing – at the highest level. ; I am convinced that in the search for exciting adventures or great challenges in climbing, not only for me, but also for future generations, it should not continue to be about the aspects of “faster, higher, further”. But above all about sustainability and creativity in all undertakings. For me personally, the WALLRIDE project is an example of what alpinism could look like in the future.

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