“Tomica and the SIbilla’s hidden routes” Italy

Country: Italy
Director: Andrea Frenguelli
Year: 2023
Duration: 58 minutes
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/795856452?share=copy
Original title: Tomica e le vie segrete della Sibilla

Tomica and the Sibilla’s hidden routes is a documentary that tells the mountaineering history of the Sibillini Mountains. Taking inspiration from the first free ascent of its most difficult climbing route, named Tomica, which overlooks Pilato’s lake at the heart of the National Park, the film follows Gabriele, a young mountaineer who grew up under the aura of a legendary and unviolated path, through his attempts, his hikes through the trails and bivouacs until the cathartic moment when he frees the route. A red thread which is intertwined with the stories of old and new leading personalities in these ever-mysterious mountains, subject to constant, and often tragically, changes.

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