“#TO_BE”, Poland

Bulgarian premiere:


Country: Poland

Year: 2021

Director: Grzegorz Lipiec

Duration: 54 mins

Description: Artistic cinema of a team of two – Maja Pietraszewska-Koper and Grzegorz Lipiec. The combination of their artistic visions, sensitivity and individual storytelling styles with images, music, graphics and animations gives a surprising effect. The creators confront the viewer with a great personality, one of the most outstanding Polish climbers, Krzysztof Wielicki, but they do it by revealing the backstage and watching the man of the mountains when he leaves them and returns home. #TO_BE is a philosophical story about friendship, partnership and nature, but also a breathtaking virtual trip to fourteen eight-thousanders – without pathos, with respect for people and nature. Watching the film, the viewer accompanies Wielicki in his ascent to the highest mountains in the world, but also goes to the garden with him to get vegetables. And she begins to wonder what is more important.



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