BFF 2015: “The Mont Rebei Project”, France

Bulgarian screening premiere of the film:

“The Mont Rebei Project”, France, 2014, Vladimir Cellier, 18’

June 2014, Mont Rebei, Catalonia/Aragon, Spain. From the highest rock wall in Spain, an International team of “Rope Jumpers”- Pyrénaline (France), High Jump (Spain), and Rock’n’Rope (Ukraine) – pushed the limits of this new sporting discipline and established a new world record! Attached to a climbing rope, Alex Bokoch (Rock’n’Rope) made 330 m of absolutely free fall and 425 m of total fall involving suppression. This movie follows this motley crew of jumpers during a week, and traces the different steps of the project, from the preparation to the performance’s achievement.

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