BFF 2015: “Steps in the fire”, Bulgaria

Bulgarian screening premiere of the film:

“Steps in the fire”, Bulgaria, 2015, Andrey Hadjivasilev, Melody Gilbert, 50’

The old most Bulgarian traditional custom Nestinarstvo (Fire Dancing) is still preserved in the small village of Bulgari, which is situated in the foot of Strandzha Mountain in Bulgaria. “Steps in the Fire” is a film about a centuries-old sacrament, a sacrament stretched between holy and pagan. The custom honors the saints Konstantin and Elena and culminates in the dance on the fire, the trance and the prayers for health and prosperity. Not only dancers, but also a priest, churchwardens, icon carriers and musicians participate in the enigmatic ritual. The film is originally shot in 3D and could be screened both in 2D and 3D.


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