Harald Philipp (Austria)

Harald Philipp – mountainbiker – “Flow” presentation day of Banskofilmfest 2015 – 26 November, 18:20h.,Big Hall, Culture Center “Nikola Vapcarov”, Bansko

Harald Philipp, a German daredevil of sorts, participates in a sport called, “bike mountaineering.” He didn’t invent it, but he seems to have perfected it, as evidenced by his latest video in which he makes a first descent of a fixed-rope climbing route in the Brenta Dolomites in Italy.

Yes, a climbing route.

Philipp once described bike mountaineering as the line between alpinism and bicycling, saying it is about riding summits and steep alpine tracks—at least downhill.



A via ferrata is a climbing route with fixed cable. Philipp, who lives in Austria, joked on Facebook that “it looked like a trail.” He said Bocchette Alte was not ridden but that he rode more than 90 percent of the downhill sections of Via Ferrata Benini, Vidi and Sentiero Orsi.



In his video “Via Ferrata on a Mountainbike,” via Outside Television, Philipp rides his bike where he really has no business riding:


The presentation “Flow” which Harald will present of Banskofilmfest is a trip into the mind of a fanatic mountainbiker. Harald Philipp takes the audience to the greatest landscapes of Europe from the Dolomites to Iceland. What is that fascinating on riding exposed trails off summits? Harald explains with funny storys about his adventures and shows ten unique bike-films. FLOW is a live show that attracts all Mountainbikers and Outdoor-Lovers.


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