“STAMS” Austria

Country: Austria
Director: Bernhard Braunstein
Year: 2023
Duration: 97 minutes
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/812366085
Original title: STAMS

STAMS is one of the most successful – and elite – ski boarding schools in the world, located in the Austrian Alps. Here, hundreds of teenagers are chasing their dream to become world champions in winter sports. The journey is long and full of risks, both physical and mental. And only 2% of them will make it to the top.; The film meticulously shows the timed daily routine of extreme physical training, not-so-ordinary school classes, sparse free time, and everyday boarding-school life. How do these young people deal with the constant pressure to perform, the high risk of injury, and the power relationships within the sport?; Who has the strength and the perseverance? A glimpse into the world of STAMS, a place of great sacrifices and high hopes.

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