Simon Gietl (Italy)

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Simon Gietl (Italy)  – big wall climber, mountain guide -Presentation day –  23th of November, 19:45h., Big Hall, Culture center “Nikola Vapcarov”, Bansko

“Feel strong, but not immortal!”, Simon Gietl

Born in 1984, Simon Gietl spent his childhood in the beautiful South Tyrol mountains. It is only when he is 18 when he studies carpentry that he finds his passion for climbing. Never before has sport been so important to him. After 3 years in the vertical world, he realizes that his carpentry profession is not his calling. He decides to become a mountain guide and surrender to the mountain.


Today he is a certified mountain guide. Simon is supported by leading brands and companies through which he realizes his projects. He tells himself that he has the privilege of living his dream.


He loves alpine rock walls and ice trails, especially those that have high demands on the body as well as on strategic thinking. True to Wolfgang Gulich’s statement “The head is the most important muscle in climbing”, it trains the body and soul to leave their marks in the alpine walls. Simon is often the liaison of Thomas Huber in their general expeditions.

When he is not out in the mountains, he enjoys spending time with his family – with his wife Sandra and their two sons, Iano and Iari.

Simon and Thomas Hubber

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