“Rita Christen – first President of the Mountain Guides Association” Switzerland

Country: Switzerland
Director: Bertilla Giossi
Year: 2022
Duration: 26 minutes
Original title: Rita Christen – first President of the Mountain Guides Association

Rita Christen is an exception. She is one of the few female mountain guides. In Switzerland there are only just 40 female mountain guides, only 2.5% of the mountain guides are women. And then this: Two years ago, the Swiss Mountain Guides Association elects a woman as president, Rita Christen from Disentis. Her election triggers an enormous media echo, the reactions are consistently joyful and positive. The “Cuntrasts” film gives an insight into her work as president, but it also shows the mountain guide Rita Christen in her family environment and with her favourite discipline, climbing. We get to know a cheerful, lively woman with a profound passion for the mountains and we accompany her on a climb on the Turtle Ridge.

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