BFF 2015: “Reach Your Limits”, Bulgaria

Bulgarian screening premiere of the film:

“Reach Your Limits”, Bulgaria, 2014, Dimo Petkov, 54’

One of the best Bulgarian mountain runners and orienteers – Kiril Nikolov, known as Disl, attempted to set a new record – to run through the longest and legendary Bulgarian mountain route – 600 km from the mountain peak of Kom on the west border to cape Emine on the Black Sea coast, in less than 5 days. Through steep mountain paths, pouring rain, and sticky mud, the glorious adventure takes him beyond the barriers of his own consciousness, facing hidden fears, pain and exhaustion. Tо the point where he has to make a tough choice – to quit or to push his will to the ultimate challenge, beyond his own limitations.
Director: Dimo Petkov
Writer: Ivelina Gicheva
Producer: Dimitar Dimitrov
Executive Producer: Hristo Petkov
Co-producer: Krusty Lambev
Operators: Alexander Alexandrov, Dimo Petkov, Zhivko Zhechev Ivelina Gicheva Miroslav Zhivkov, Hristo Petkov
Installation: Dimo Petkov
Music: George Strezov
Sound design: Lubomir Goshev
Color corrections: Concept studio
Graphic Design: Ivan Ivanov



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