“Project BIG ICE: Patagonia – phase one” (Bulgaria)

Premiere of the film  “Project BIG ICE: Patagonia – phase one”, Bulgaria, 2017, Branislav Brankov, 40’

In April of 2017 two Bulgarian Explolers – Kiril Trifonov & Branislav Brankov – travel to Southern Patagonia to study and prepare for a crossing along the entire length of the world’s hardest and most technical icefield.
Campo de Hielo Sur – The Southern Patagonian Icefield – spans over 400km of continuous ice and is the second largest ice mass outsdide the polar regions. It borders the Torre and Fitzroy mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The nature of this region dictates a total inablility to sustain natural life on the ice. During their expedition on the icefield, the team of “Project Big Ice: Patagonia” goes through arduous physical challenges and serious and uncontrollable danger. They have to carry 80kg of equipment onto the icefield, while subjected to multiple life-threatening icefalls…a menu, completed by the total physical exhaustion, the wide open abyss of crevasses and hard-to-traverse and gygantic faults in the ice. And for dessert, the mountain serves them the infamous Patagonian winds, just to make the evacuation all the more interesting…

Dive into the experience of those really long days on a place at the world’s very end, where survival depends entirely on you and the decisions you make…


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