Presentations Program

Presentations Program

22 September, Thursday

Big Hall

17:00 / 18:00 – Special Panel “Memory”  – Presentation of Kancho Dolapchiev (climber) “55 years Anniversary from the first bulgarian ascient  of Peak Avicena (7134m) and 50th years Anniversary from the first bulgarian ascient of Ismoil Somoni Peak (then known as Communism Peak 7 495 m).

Screening of “Bulgarians on Peak Communism (Bulgaria, 1972, Encho Petkov, Milan Ognyanov)

 18:00  / 19:00 – Presentation of Krasimir Stoyanov (Bulgaria) – climber, freerider, mountain rescue  „Bulgarian descents on couloirs and high peaks”

 20:00 / 20:15 – break

 20:15 – 22:30 – Open Air Screenings – Main Square “Nikola Vapcarov”

(In case of bad weather the screenings will be held in the Big Hall)

23 September, Friday

Big Hall

16:00 /17:00 – Presentation of Alexey Zhalov (Bulgaria) – caver – „30 years Bulgarian speleological researching in Albania“ 

17:00 /  17:40 – Presentation of the adventurer and skiing teacher Nikolay Golev from Bansko „Riding 5000 km in Japan”

17:40 / 18:00 – break 

18:00 /  18:30 – Presentation of Javier Barayazarra (Spain, Bilbao) “Basque mountain culture”- He is founded and is the director of Mendi Film Festival, an international mountain film. Currently he is also the president of the International Alliance for Mountain Film. 

18:30 / 19:15 – Presentation of Juanjo San Sebastián (Spain) – one of the most important Spanish eight-thousand climbers.

 19:15 / 20:15 – Presentation of Jean Annequin (France) A Mountain Guide for thirty years, a teacher for the guide School in Chamonix ENSA  for twenty years, but above all he is a traveler in the mountains of the world. Since his first expedition in 1992 in Nepal, he has devoted his time to discovering the mountains of the world. If altitude was his preference in the 90s and 2000s with more than 25 expeditions, for twenty years he has been passionate about discovering the world on skis.

20:30 / 22:30 – Open Air Screenings – Main Square “Nikola Vapcarov”

(In case of bad weather the screenings will be held in the Big Hall)

24 September, Saturday

Big Hall

 16:00 / 17:00 –  Photography Workshop and presentation “How to photo birds” – Maciej Szymanski (Poland), Ambassador in Bulgaria. He is also an author of the exhibition presented during the festival “Bulgarian birds through the eyes of a polish man”.  Mr. Szymanski mostly shoot birds. He watched them for almost 30 years and only then he started shooting them. His many years of experience as an observer helps him a lot because he knows the habits of birds and knows what to do to photograph them without hurting or harming them.

17:00 / 18:00 – Presentation of Anna Tybor (Poland) – Polish ski mountaineering athlete, alpinist. She won five-times polish championships. Last year in September Anna climbed the mount Manaslu (8163m) the eight highest mountain in the world without use of additional oxygen and ski down from the summit without unfastening skis. Anna became the first Polish woman who ever climbed the eight-thousander and descended from the top on skis, and the first woman on the world to do it on Manaslu without the use of additional oxygen.


18:30 / 19:30 – Award ceremony of  21th International Mountain Film Festival – BanskoFilmFest.

 19:30 / 20:30 – Presentation of Barbara Zangerl (Austria) and Jacopo Larcher (Italy) –The two belong to the world elite in climbing. Jacopo Larcher and Barbara Zangerl broke speed record on Odyssee, the most difficult route on the Eiger, in just 16 hours.

 Screening of “24 Hours Odyssee”, 2022, Austria/Switzerland, 24`

20:30 / 22:45 – Open Air Screenings – Main Square “Nikola Vapcarov”

(In case of bad weather the screenings will be held in the Big Hall)


25 September, Sunday

Big Hall


13:00 / 13:20 – “Year of Wanda Rutkiewicz – Special event for the legendary polish climber Wanda Rutkiewicz – screening of „Polskie Himalaje-Panie w Gorach“ and presentation by Pamela Kaczmarek


13:30 / 14:30 – Presentation of Ivo Ninov – The German – climber, Base-jumper – “Risk calculation during big-wall climbings”

See screenings!

The organizers keep the right to change the program!



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