BFF 2015: “One seven eight”, Sweden

Bulgarian screening premiere of the film:

 “One seven eight”, Sweden, 2015, Greg Hackett, 6’

How do you find balance in your life? Henrik Westling had hoped to find it in opening an outdoor shop in his hometown of Östersund, Sweden. When the stress of running the shop started taking a toll on his health, he realized he needed to reexamine the role the mountains played in his life, not just his business.

The story of Henrik’s quest to climb and ski every one of Jämtland’s one hundred and seventy eight peaks, and his success as the first person to do so, reveals that you don’t need to have a goal in some exotic foreign locale. Sometimes, going deep into what’s just out the back door can change your life.

A ski mountaineering story set in the little-known mountains of central Sweden, One Seven Eight documents the completion of Henrik’s quest, as well as some of the classic terrain along the Norwegian border.

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