BFF 2015: “Mutation Au Sommet”/ “Mutation At The Summit”, France

Bulgarian screening premiere of the film:

“Mutation Au Sommet”/ “Mutation At The Summit”, France,2015, Damien Artero, 60’

Vincent used to ski, paraglide, hike… yes, but Vincent used to have functional legs. A timberman, he lost them in a work accident when a tree fell on him and crushed 5 of his vertebraes. This left him handicaped: he can’t feel his body from his torso down. Still, he can develop other ways of moving around. Nope, his legs won’t come back to life. Never. Handicap is not something one can overcome – that is a fairy tale for the non-handicaped persons. But Vincent teaches you that in reality, you make peace with your handicap by becoming a new version of yourself. He calls this “the mutation”. Ah, but to transform into a new form of human being, you need a challenge. A project. A purpose. You need to shape your destiny. With a group of devoted childhood friends, and the support of his relatives, Vincent wants to climb Svalbard’s summit on skis and enjoy a beautiful Arctic ride down on a special device for skiers without legs.

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