“Monviso Mon Amour” (Italy)

Bulgarian premiere of the film  “Monviso Mon Amour”, Italy, 2016, Fabio Gianotti, 53’

On 22 July 1975, in response to a challenge and without prior experience, Nino Viale, ski instructor at Limone Piemonte, was the first to ski the north wall of Monviso through the Coolidge canal. He was accompanied by his friend and fellow alpinist Claudio Bodrone, who recorded the descent with an old Super8 camera. Some 40 years later, five young men attempt to repeat the courageous feat. Accompanying them is extreme skiing champion Stefano De Benedetti, the first to descend the legendary west wall of the Re di Pietra. He observes them from a helicopter, filming the scene against the magnificent backdrop of snow covered mountains.

The director: Fabio Gianotti is the director of the Nuovi Mondi Film Festival. In 2007 he founded Kosmoki, his own production company. His director credits include the short I ribelli del Tajarè and the documentaries Nani di pietra, giganti di cartaDove le montagne si chiudonoIl sonno della ragione, and Cronaca di una vita semplice.


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