“Mont Aiguille mon amour (MAMA)” (France)

Premiere screening of “Mont Aiguille mon amour (MAMA)”, France,  2017, Laurent Crestan, 26’

Mont Aiguille (French name meaning Mount Needle) dominates with its 2087-meters high the valley of Triève, Vercors massif, France. This limestone peak has a singular shape and a inaccessible mountain reputation which has fired men’s imaginations for many millennia. Even today, its summit only accessible by climbing routes perpetuates the mystery of this mountain.

Four friends have in mind the 250-meters ascent of the north-west face of Mont Aiguille by the classic route. Thierry and Alain have been climbing partners for many years and reached the top of numerous majestic summits throughout the world. Valérie and Laurent have less experience, but love the adrenaline that comes from the great climbing routes.

The film follows step by step their adventure from the training to the final push: indoor climbing walls, bouldering and natural outdoor sites. The four companions share their moments of joy, doubt and difficulty and discover the fragility of their condition facing the mountain and its whims.

Key persons: Thierry Bonhomme, Alain Mardoiran, Valérie Planchenault &Laurent Crestan

Places: Mont Aiguille (Vercors, France)

Trailer: https://www.facebook.com/powerlolo/videos/10154149894970563/

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