BFF 2015: “Man of the Three Peaks Christoph Hainz”, Italy

“Der Zinnenmann Christoph Hainz”/ “Man of the Three Peaks Christoph Hainz”, Italy, 2014, Markus Frings, 38’

Christoph Hainz is one of the most versatile climbers of our times and his name is irrevocably linked to many mountains in the world. Especially to the Dolomites and The Three Peaks.

Knowing Christoph Hainz better, you will discover that he is not a man of many words. He prefers climbing. Together with Markus Frings (Mediaart Production Coop ) in 2014 Hainz decided to realize a slightly different mountain film, a portrait of an exceptional athlete and “a tribute to the most beautiful mountains in the world”, the Dolomites. Thanks to the support of RAI Südtirol and numerous private sponsors Christoph Hainz is climbing the Eiger north face, with spectacular pictures, as well as climbing in Arco (Italy), in the icy cliffs of Höhlensteintal/South Tyrol and of course the “Comici” route to the Three Peaks.

The golden thread through the documentary is the first free solo ascent of the north face of Great Peak, without rope, without any security measures. In only 48 minutes, Christoph Hainz climbs from the entry to the summit. The result is an exciting document of an extraordinary performance. While he is climbing, friends, travel and climbing partners explain how they see him and try to uncover the secret of this exceptional alpinist. His ex-wife, his kids, the Swiss professional climber Roger Schäli and the German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier, they all depict Christoph Hainz as a calm and fully concentrated athlete, performing a unique climbing style.



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