“Lure of adventure in the South Island” New Zealand

Country: New Zealand
Director: Tom Woodward
Year: 2023
Duration: 40 minutes
Original title: Lure of adventure in the South Island

On an isolated island at the far end of the world, jagged snow-capped mountains rise up from the sea and pierce dense uninhabited rainforests. Rivers rage through deep glacier carved valleys and waterfalls plunge over cliffs out into the remote South Pacific Ocean. The South Island is a primeval wilderness, amongst the last vestiges of an age long vanished.; My name is Tom. For as long as I can remember, travel has been a part of my life. For 14 years I roamed the globe, exploring the jungles of the Amazon, climbing the mountains of Patagonia, or sailing through outer islands of Indonesia. This video documents my attempt to return to a sedentary civilian life in the country written on my passport, and refocus this longing for travel and exploration to the mountain world of the South Island.; Traversing through rainforests and finding plane wrecks, crawling though uncharted caves and discovering bones of prehistoric animals, to diving with man eating sharks or re-floating stranded whales, the South Island is an adventurer’s wonderland.; A far-flung backwater at the edge of the map is is a long way from the vibrant city life. Hundreds of kilometres of wilderness is punctuated only by the odd ramshackle town, slowly getting consumed back into the forest. Where arts, culture, and society end, the rugged, remote, ice-filled and unexplored regions begin.

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