“La Verte, a steep-skiing story” France

Country: France
Director: Bertrand Delapierre and Severine Gauci
Year: 2023
Duration: 47 minutes
Original title: La Verte, une histoire de pente raide

If the Mont Blanc is Chamonix’ King, the Aiguille Verte is its queen. Climbed for the first time in 1866 by the English mountaineer Whymper, it wasn’t until 1968 that the Swiss Sylvain Saudan imagined and dared the first ski descent of the Whymper couloir. It was a seminal achievement in steep skiing, inspiring generations of skiers from Patrick Vallençant and Marco Siffredi to Jean-Marc Boivin, Bruno Gouvy, Eric Bellin and Pierre Tardivel. This film retraces 50 years of steep skiing at La Verte, through the eyes of Vivian Bruchez who, in 2018, after descending the Nant Blanc slope with Paul Bonhomme, decided to set off to meet her predecessors.

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