Kalin Vrachanski (Bulgaria)

Kalin Vrachanski (Bulgaria) – Jury member


Kalin Vrachanski is one of the most popular and professionally active names on the Bulgarian theater stage, the small and the big screen.

Born in 1981 he graduated from the National Academy for theater and film arts in Sofia, bulgaria with a specialty “Drama theatre acting”. In the past he was part of the theatrical groups of “Drama and Puppet Theatre Kardzhali” and “Theatre Sofia”.


Nowadays he can be seen on the stages of: Sofia Theatre. Little City Theatre “Zad kanala”, Theatre of the Bulgarian Army, “199” Theatre, Independent Theatre, Plovdiv Drama Theatre, State Theatre of Satire, Dramatic-puppet Theatre Haskovo, Theatre “Сълза и смях”.


The greatest popularity for the audience, Kalin Vrachanski aquires with his participation in Bulgarian television series “Glass House” (2010-2012).

He has also participated in other popular television productions as “The Tree of Life”, “Forbidden Love”, “Patriarchy” and “Your face sounds familiar”.


He has been acting in various cinema productions, but the role that brings him the greatest success, so far, and award for best actor of “ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival”, 2015,  is in the movie “Roseville” (2013, Bulgaria) directed by Martin Makariev.


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