“K2: The Impossible Descent”, Austria

Bulgariqn premiere:

“K2: The Impossible Descent”, Austria, 2020, Sławomir Batyra, 60`

K2, ‘the savage mountain’ holds a mythical place in the hearts of climbers around the world- 1 in 4 do not return from it. On July 22, 2018, Polish ski-mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel makes ‘the impossible descent’ from its summit. He does it solo, and without supplemental oxygen. The mountaineering community are stunned and mainstream press take notice. This feature documentary explores the man behind the achievement and the circumstances he endured to get there. His close-knit crew (including his younger brother) overcome biblical weather, unchartered terrain, and life-threatening rescue missions. Throughout, the film explores the young Pole’s psychology and mindset; asking how a working class boy – one of 11 siblings – was shaped in to Nat Geo’s 2018 Adventurer of the Year, and a defining athlete of a generation? Equal parts tough and innovative, Andrzej creates new uses of drone technology to complete routes only dreamt about by the mountaineering hall of fame, traversing knife-edge ridges, 1000m cliffs and 75 degree slopes in a nail-biting solo ski descent. This verité driven film offers a privileged blow-by-blow account of one of mountaineering’s most coveted ‘firsts’, and examines the unique person who accomplished it.


PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD – Ladek Mountain Film Festival – Adrzjey Zavada 2020

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