Juan Menendez Granados (Spain)

Juan is a man of impossible challenges. Therefore it is proposed to be the first athlete to reach the South Pole by bicycle, alone and unaided. And he succeeded. 46 days pedaling against fate and against climatic conditions that endangered the success of his expedition. Today John is already thinking about his next challenge.


Fearless Juan might seem like some sort of admirable superhero, but he isn’t.He’s just a normal person.What makes Juan stand out from the rest is his incredible capacity to overcome his fears.He’s restless and curious, a true adventurer, always pushing both mind and body to their limits in an attempt to show that limits are there to be pushed back, and there is no fear which can’t be overcome. Fearless Juan has a new project. Now he’s preparing to set a new record: to be the first person to arrive on an unassisted solo cycle expedition to the South Pole..

A challenge which others have only tried and failed. An adventure which has been two years in the planning, one to push him to his mental and physical limits, replete with new fears to overcome.


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