“Jerzy Hajdukiewicz, Man of the Mountains” (Poland)

Zakopane in Bansko

“Jerzy Hajdukiewicz – człowiek gór”, Polska, 2015, Bartosz Szwast, Robert Żurakowski, 41’

A film about the highly appreciated and famous in the world of the people of the mountains Jerzy Hajdukiewicz – an icon of Polish mountain climbers. Jerzy Hajdukiewicz was an outstanding mountaineer, a well-respected Tatra rescuer, author of mountain-related books. As the first Pole participated in the Himalayan expeditions after the Second World War and entered all four-thousandth alpine. He participated in the famous rescue operation at the Eiger in 1957 and the Dhaulagiri expedition in 1960. He was also a surgeon had a great influence on the development of mountain medicine by introducing modern rescue methods. Mountains were his love, he made his life fit them…

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