“In the shadow of Chamlang” France

Country: France
Director: Jérémie Chenal – Benjamin védrines – Charles Dubouloz
Year: 2022
Duration: 25 minutes
Original title: A l’ombre du Chamlang

The north face of Chamlang, nearly 2000 meters high and culminating at 7200 meters, is one of the last great unclimbed faces of the Himalayas. Benjamin Védrines, who had spotted the face during a previous ascent of Chamlang, decides to partner with Charles Dubouloz, a very strong mountaineer but novice of the high altitudes. Spindrifts, suspended bivouacs, lengths of mixed and vertical ice… This film immerses us in the best of what is being done in the Himalayas in the 21st century!

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