BFF 2015: “Im Land des Schamanen”/ “Old Wild Lorenz”, Germany

Bulgarian screening premiere of the film:

“Im Land des Schamanen”/ “Old Wild Lorenz”, Germany, 2015, Alessandro Soetje, 30’

On the foothills of an Alpine slope, an artist-shaman named Lorenz lives. He tends a vegetable garden near a river, and he earns his living by selling his sculpted totems and painted stones to tourists. In Lorenz’s world, the Native American spirituality interweaves with South Tyrolean traditions, and a sunny clearing in a wood can become a place of worship and meditation. But the first to break the silence of the woods surrounding his house is himself, eager to tell [strangers] a philosophy of life and arts both simple and ruthless –- in nature, the only important thing is to survive.
Old Wild Lorenz portrays with a curious and watchful eye the world of an artist-farmer who lives in solitude on tourism, and whose works of art — made of stones, scraps, animal skulls and bones — are essentially inspired by a reflection on death.



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