Geraldine Fasnacht (Switzerland)

She is the most extreme woman in the world, BASE – jumper and climber. She discovered her passion for the mountains at the age of two.. Today the Swiss, from canton of Vaud, has been proven in the world of snowboarding and basejump. Last summer she made the first BASE-jump from Matterhorn.

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“It was the snowboard that really made me want to explore the mountains. It’s like surfing an endless wave. Happiness for me is to draw lines on the mountains that attract me, wide open spaces, the freedom … “

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After 12 years of competition, including eight years on the International circuit Freeride. It now has 11 victories in international competitions, including 3 times the X-treme Verbier.

In 1998, Geraldine discovered the air with skydiving, then basejump (cliff jumps). For her, this is the perfect addition to her first passion for snow, draw lines in the sky and along with his wingsuit relief (wingsuit).

Course and podiums in competition



  • Shipping in Queen Maud Land (Antarctica)
  • 3rd X-treme Verbier (Switzerland)


After a year of rehabilitation Dr. Siegrist Geraldine allows the competition to start in February 2009.

  • First Freeride World Tour Tignes (France)
  • First Freeride World Tour Final X-treme Verbier (Switzerland)
  • 2 results with only 4 Geraldine is Vice World Champion


  • The first Freeride World Tour Mammoth (USA)
  • Ligament Injury in Russia on the 2nd stage of the Freeride World Tour


  • 1st Freeride Engadinsnow International (Switzerland)
  • 1st in Artix Freeride Tamok (Scandinavia)
  • 2nd place X-treme Verbier (Switzerland)
  • Shipping in Baffin Island (Arctic)

2005 – 2006

  • Filming and photo shoots
  • 2nd place X-treme Verbier (Switzerland)

2004 – 2005

  • 2nd place X-treme Verbier (Switzerland) despite an ankle injury that persists
  • After the X-treme break for recover from this bad sprained ankle that would not heal. Thanks to Dr. Siegriest (Hôpital de la Tour) and Eddy Rothenbühler Osteopaths in Préverenges (magician) is again attack for the season.

2003 – 2004

  • 1st Freeride Engadinsnow International (Switzerland)
  • 2nd International X-treme Verbier (Switzerland)
  • First public Award X-treme Verbier Int. (Switzerland)

2002 – 2003

  • 1st National Freeride Chandolin (Switzerland)
  • 1st Gilles Voirol Award for Best online at X-treme Verbier International (Switzerland)
  • 2nd Freeride Engadinsnow International (Switzerland)


  • 1st Freestyle Regional Thyon (Switzerland)
  • 1st International Freeride the Arcs (France)
  • 1st International Freeride 2 Alpes (France)
  • 1st National Freeride Chandolin (Switzerland)
  • 1st International X-treme Verbier (Switzerland)


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