Film program – 25 September, Saturday

25 September, Saturday

BIG HALL, Culture Center “Nikola Vapcarov”

 11:00 / 12:33 – Selma – prawdziwa przygoda z końca świata/Selma – an adventure from the edge of the world”, Poland, 2020, Maciej Jabłoński, 93`

“Selma – an adventure from the edge of the world” tells the amazing story of the crew of Polish yacht S/Y “Selma Expeditions”, and their voyage to the most challenging waters in the world. Eleven crewmembers take on the heroic | challenge of reaching The Bay of Whales in the Antarctic. They spent almost 4 months in close quarters of a small yacht to reach the southernmost spot on the marine map of the world. It is a tale of outstanding personalities, expansion of personal limits, and endurance.


12:33 / 13:20 – North, Bulgaria, 2019, Veliko Karachiviev, 47`

A movie about a very unusual winter photography adventure in the most snowy and cold parts of Norway. Life and traveling in the most harsh conditions of the far north. The price you have to pay for the Real Photograph Picture.

The film will be pesented by the director Veliko Karachiviev.

 13:30 / 14:00 – break

 14:00 / 14:53 – Fratelli si diventa. Omaggio a Walter Bonatti, l`uomo del Monte Bianco / Becoming brothers. Tribute to Walter Bonatti, the Mont Blanc man“, Italy, 2021, Alessandro Filippini, Fredo Valla, 57`

Ten years after Walter Bonatti`s death, Reinhold Messner tells us about his greatness as the last classic mountaineer. He does so through the videos of their meetings, during which Bonatti himself says that Reinhold is like a brother to him. The film ends with the unpublished images of thier long and exciting face-to-face discussion at Bonatti`s home: mountaineering, adventure, nature and the dreems that push men to dare.

The film will be presented by the director Alessandro Filippini. 

14:53 / 15:10 –  Summits at a low altitude, Bulgaria, 2021, Mihaila Zarkova, 17

This film is about the path of a child diagnosed with autism in the world of climbing. This is the story of Angel, which tells us that peaks can be overcome at low altitudes. How different, unknown and difficult may they be? This is a film about battling an unknown world and gripping heights in the unimaginable. A film about hope, support and the faith that when success seems unreachable, it is worth making a step forward and taking a risk.


15:10 / 15:27 –  3 х Kom Emine by Ilko Iliev“, Bulgaria, 2020, Ruslan Vakrilov, 17`

The film is a video story about the high-speed crossing of the Kom-Emie route (600 km) by bicycle. The story combines the three successful crossings, two of which are in one month and each ends with a current record for the time in which they were realized. The last crossing is 70 hours and 4 minutes and is a current record for the route passed with a natural means of transportation.

 15:30 / 16:30 – break –See exhibitions


TURZESTVENA HALL, Culture Center “Nikola Vapcarov”

 11:00 / 11:56 – Bal au desssus des 3000/Above 3000, France, 2019, Thibault Mazars, 54`

Above 3000 is the story of five young folks crossing the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic through 128 mountain peaks above 3000 meters. During two month they discover the mountains by bike, on foot and mountaineering. What is their goal ? The documentary tells their story and try to understand what these young mountain climbers are seeking through this adventure as athletic as human.


11:56 / 12:50 –  To touch the sky from the Himalayas“, Bulgaria, 2021, Andrey Dochev, 47`

Film about 40th years Anniversary – first bulgarian descend on eight thousand summit in the Himalayas.
40 years ago, a Bulgarian climbed an 8,000-meter peak in the Himalayas for the first time. On April 30, 1981, Hristo Prodanov set foot on Lhotse Peak. The assault group consists of four. Three leave the last camp, and one climbs to the top. Why, what and how happened in the Himalayas in 81 in a personal conversation with the living Kancho Dolapchiev, Ognyan Baldjiiski and Metodi Savov – three of the four stormtroopers.


 13:00 / 13:30 – break

13:30 / 13:50 – Infinity Wall, Bulgaria, 2020, Tako Mladenow, 20`

An attempt to present the first Bulgarian ascent of the 1600 meter western wall of Fitz Roy 3405m. in the Patagonian Andes. Realized by Tako Mladeno, Nikola Levakov and Stoyan Todorov in 2020.

Screen reader support enabled.

 13:50 / 14:42 –   Everest – najťažšia cesta/Everest – the hard way Slovakia, 2020, Pavol Barabáš, 52`

Is it possible to climb the hardest route on Mount Everest in Alpine style? Chris Bonington, the most famous British climber, named this route The Hard Way and stated it is impossible. It became a challenge for four Slovak climbers. In 1988 they started their hardest way with no escape.

 14:42 /14:58 – Up and Down the Balkans with Adam Ondra: Romanian Record”, Czech Republic, 2020, Petr Horky, 26`

Up and Down the Balkans with Adam Ondra: Romanian Record | In southern Romania Adam Ondra conquered the hardest route in the country as well as the whole of the Balkans. The final attempt was dramatic: because of the weather and there was the danger that the record wouldn’t be broken. | The daring expedition begins. Adam Ondra, many times over world champion in lead climbing and bouldering as well as the present record holder in overcoming the most difficult rock climbing routes in the world, is facing several challenges: He’d love to travel around the Balkans and popularise the exotic Balkans which offer incredible areas of rock formations but where the world climbing elite hardly ever ventures into. This aim clarified the lynchpin of the travelogue: with the help of local rock climbers find, possibly drill bolts on, a route which to date hadn’t been climbed – and within a limited time overcome this challenge. During rest breaks Adam savours the local atmosphere. In Romania he visits a small mountain village, an old thermal spa and an Orthodox church. Rock climbing has its own rules, ethos, variety of disciplines – with all this Adam familiarizes the layman viewer. Right in front of the cameras we see world class efforts. What other climbers have to train for weeks Adam manages in a few days. But the unpredictable weather brings showers to the Transylvanian Alps. Time is running and climbing conditions aren’t favourable. So, in the end will the hardest Balkan route miss out on its first conqueror?

14:58 / 15:42 – To be a woman in Himalayas, Poland, 2020, Eliza Kubarska, 44`

A story about women from two different parts of the globe, who challenged the traditional order of the world and their influence on the younger generation of alpinists in Poland and Nepal. Wanda Rutkiewicz and Pasang Lamu Sherpa. 25 years after Wanda’s and Pasang’s disappearance, their successors appeared on the world arena: Kinga Baranowska and Maya Sherpa. Inspired by the courageous heroines of the last century, they continue the tradition of female himalaism raising the bar for others.

15:42 / 15:50Allez/ C’mon, Italy, 2020, Donato Chiampi, 7`

Rita was a shy and slightly fearful girl who has developed an innate talent, a strong and healthy personality thanks to climbing. She is now a young university student and has achieved amazing results in Lead, Boulder races, 8a in wall climbing.  “What goes into your head while climbing?” We will listen to her thoughts while a passionate crowd of spectators follows her every passage.  Through the challenges that Rita faces while climbing, she understood that the biggest victory isn’t the podium, but the real achievements are of a much higher value and they can’t neither be seen nor classified.

 15:50 /16:30 – break – See exhibitions

 16:30 / 20:00 – See presentations program –  Big Hall


CENTRAL SQUARE “Nikola Vapcarov”

20:15  /20:50 – Award Ceremony

 20:50 / 22:30 – The Wall Of Shadows, Poland, 2020, Eliza Kubarska, 98`

When a Sherpa family is asked by a group of westerners to lead a trek up the never-conquered east wall of | the imposing Kumbhakarna Mountain in Nepal, they’re confronted with a dilemma. Not only is the summit | reputed to be more challenging than Mount Everest, but according to the local Kirant religion, it’s a sacred | mountain that is not supposed to be ascended. | While the father would like to earn the money necessary for his son’s education, the mother, a fierce woman | who supports her boy’s dream of becoming a doctor, is adamant that they shouldn’t hike God’s body. | Director Eliza Kubarska follows the expedition after the family agrees to guide the three foreigners, negotiating | as best they can the pressure to finish the climb, the dangerous conditions and their own religious | beliefs. | Herself an experienced alpinist, Kubarska captures breathtaking images of the majestic landscape, honouring | the spiritual dimension of the environment.







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