Film program – 24 November, Saturday

24 Nov, Saturday

Big Hall

 11:30 am – 11:40 am – Being Hear, USA, 2016, Palmer Morse, Matthew Mikkelsen, 10`

For most of his life, Gordon Hempton has been in pursuit of nature’s myriad and multi-faceted soundscapes as an Emmy-winning acoustic ecologist. During that time, he has become a master of a skill that is inarguably a dying art: listening. In Being Hear he shares insights on the constant and nuanced communications of nature, the alarming extinction of places unaffected by human activity, the way quiet can open our eyes to the larger picture and the benefits of simply paying attention to place. Silence, as he puts it, “is the think tank of the soul.”

“Awards: | “Best Short” – 8th Echo Mountain Film Festival | “Best Documentary Short” – 3rd Earth Day Film Festival | “Best Short”- 4th Portland Eco Film Festival | “Best Sound Design” – 3rd Jefferson State Flixx Festival | “Best Short” – 1st Outer Docs Film Festival | “Best of Park” – Roy H. Park School of Communications 2016 | Official Selections: | 14th Big Sky Documentary Film Festival | 41st Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival | 39th Telluride Mountainfilm Festival | 15th Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival | 40th International Wildlife Film Festival | 24th Cine Eco Seia Film Festival | 18th Port Townsend Film Festival | 20th Local Sightings Film Festival | 44th Ekotop EnviroFilm Festival | 7th San Francisco Green Film Festival | 15th Matsalu Film Festival |  | Spruce Tone Films | | |  | 10 Singapore Eco Film Festival | 4th Freep Film Festival | 3rd Earth Day Film Festival | 3rd Jefferson State Flixx Festival | 2nd Picture Farm Film Festival | 10th Waimea Film Festival | 5th Fresh Coast Film Festival | 1st Outer Docs Film Festival | 8th Echo Mountain Film Festival | 4th Great Lake Environmental Film Festival | 11th Arica Native Film Festival | 6th Lookout Wild Film Festival | Tours: | 2017/2018 Telluride Mountainfilm World Tour | 2017/18 NOLS Exploration Film Tour | 2016/17 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour”

Awards: | “Best Short” – 8th Echo Mountain Film Festival | “Best Documentary Short” – 3rd Earth Day Film Festival | “Best Short”- 4th Portland Eco Film Festival | “Best Sound Design” – 3rd Jefferson State Flixx Festival | “Best Short” – 1st Outer Docs Film Festival | “Best of Park” – Roy H. Park School of Communications 2016

11:40 am – 12:43 am – Vabenie vysok/Addicted to Altitude, Slovakia, 2018, Pavol Barabas, 63`

 Brilliant success but also huge tragedy experienced Slovak mountaineers in the highest mountain of the world. They belonged to the trendsetters in the late 20th century in Himalaya. Through the eyes of one generation of climbers, Addicted to Altitude documentary shows the evolution of Slovak Himalaya mountaineering from the very first expeditions to the brave attempts on Mount Everest.

Literary Fund Prize – International mountain and adventure film festival, Bratislava, 25.3.2018, Slovakia; Audience Choice – International Mountain Film Festival Poprad, 15.10.2017, Slovakia

12:43 am – 13:30 pm – break


13:30 pm – 14:11 pm – En vol vers les 8000, France, 2017, Antoine Girard, 41`

Antoine Girard paraglided across the north of Pakistan with his tent, covering over 1200km and flying for 19 days, and flew solo over the Himalayas. With only himself for company, he flew through this stunning mountain range and reached 8157m of altitude to see Broad Peak from above. Adventure nominated by National Geographic for 2017 Adventurer of the Year. In the same year, he was one of Bansko Film Fest 2017 special guests.

 Jury award Icare du cinema; Public award Icare du Cinema; award contre courant (Lons le saunier).

14:11 pm – 15:00 pm – Urko, escalando el presente/Urko – Climbing The Present, Spain, 2018, Vicente Holgado, 40`

 “Urko, escalando el presente” is a documentary about life and personality of Urko Carmona, Paraclimbing World Champion. During 2 years we’ve been recording the life of this young climber, who lost his leg in a traffic accident with 15 years old. A history of excellence, friendship and strength that show us his philosophy of life. His day to day challenges and concerns, connection with nature, hinduism … the life of a world champion living in the mountains of Huesca in a van.

Special panel –  “They can – People with disabilities and the extreme sports”


The film be presented by one of the Bansko Film Fest official guests, Urko Carmona (Spain).


15:00 pm – 15:30 pm – break


See “Presentations program”


Visitor`s Information Center Hall


11:00 am – 11:28 am – One day at Vitosha, Bulgaria, 2018, Ruslan Vakrilov,28

The documentary “One day at Vitosha” presents the story of the super relay marathon which took place on 14th of April 2018. For about 21 hours, the Bulgarian alpinist, Doychin Boyanov, managed to make a circle around Vitosha mountain on land, air, water and even the ground having the support of many famous mountain and outdoor athletes such as Boyan Petrov, Veselin Ovcharov, Kiril Nikolov – Disl, Staniliya stamenova, Ilko Iliev, Nikolay Petkov, Antonia Grigorova. The marathon was organized as a charity event and promoted the National Park Vitosha.


11:28 am – 12:21 am – Le Passeur de la Nahanni/The Nahanni Whisperer, Belgium, 2017, Dominique Snyers, 53`

Four young climbers dream of climbing the Lotus Flower Tower, a legendary big wall, somewhere in the Cirque of the Unclimbables in the furthest outreaches of Northern Canada. For 800 m of climbing, they will have to face 550 km of dangerous Nahanni river over a whole month of total independence. Given that they have only limited experience in this type of adventure, they persuade Dom, a seasoned traveller 33 years their senior, to help them get this expedition off the ground. Whereas Dom will be fulfilling his teenage dream of riding the Nahanni rapids, he is also about to realise that the Lotus Flower will be his last ‘Big Wall’ climb. A poetic and fun adventure of passing the baton between generations, a point where the dream becomes reality. More info on

* October 6, 2017: Festival Ecrans de l’aventure Dijon, France.; * October 26, 2017: Maison Haute de Boitsfort, Club Alpin Belge, Belgium; * November 9, 2017: 19ème Rencontres Ciné Montagne, in Grenoble, France.; * November 18, 2017: Festival International du Film d’Aventure in La Rochelle, France; * November 25, 2017: Festival Quai du Départ Lyon, France.; * Novembre 28, 2017: EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.; * December 9, 2017, 9:15 pm: Festival Maurice l’aventure, Brussels, Belgium.; * January 10, 2018: Sup de Co, La Rochelle, France.; * February 12 2018,: Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada.; * February 26-March 4, 2018: Domžale, Slovenia, Festival gorniškega filma; * March 10 2018, 7:00pm : Killarney Mountain Festival, church of Sloes, St. Mary’s, Killarney, Ireland.; * March 15-18, 2018: Rendez-vous de l’Aventure, Lons-le-Saunier, France:; * March 23-25, 2018: ra Avignon, France:

“2018 Best Foreign Film Award”  from the Mountain Film Festival, Mammoth, California, USA; “Grand Public Choice Award” from the Brussels International Travel and Film Festival; Finalist 2018 of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF)


12:21 am -13:00 pm – break


See “Additional program”

 13:00 pm – 14:00 pm – Presentation and discussion for Mountain guides with the special participation of the IFMGA members – Georgi Georgiev, Georgi Genev, Viktor Varoshkin and Frederik Gentet (France).

 14:00 pm – 14:15 pm –   представяне на книгата на Даниел Панчев „Уловени мигове отблизо и далеч“

 14:15 pm – 15:05 pm – “Lhotse – Through the storm”, Italy, 2017, Mario Vielmo, 50`

Mario Vielmo shoes the ascent of the Lhotse 8516m, his 11th 8000m. An adventure to the limit on the fourth highest mountain in the world together with two strong mountaineers, Sebastiano and Nicola. A really complicated climb with many behind-the-scenes and unpleasant surprises. With a pinch of madness, without oxygen and in the middle of the storm the climb continues with many uncertainties and difficulties.


The movie will be presented by Mario Vielmo and Sebastiano Valentini (Italy) – both are official guests of Bansko Film Fest 2018.


15:30 pm – See Presentations program


Turzestvena Hall


11:00 am – 11:52 am – “Ice Cold Passion – Leni Riefenstahl and Arnold Fanck between Hitler and Hollywood“, Germany, 2018, Annette Baumeister, Johannes Straub

She is the most radical and controversial artist of the 20th century – Leni Riefenstahl. He is the inventor of the mountain film, camera designer and film avant-gardist of the 20s – Arnold Fanck. In May 1932, both board a ship and depart on a five-month film-making voyage to Greenland. Their mission is the first ever German-American feature film production: “SOS Eisberg”. It’s the hitherto riskiest and most expensive film project in history.

11:52 am – 12:10 am – Golden line Verdon, Austria, 2017, Stefan Fritsche, 18`

The climbing route “Golden Shower” in the Verdon Gorge (France) was first ascended in 2012 by German climbing legend Stefan Glowacz. With its 150 metres and difficulties up to 8b+ it is one of the most difficult multi-pitch routes in the area. The one-day redpoint ascent of these four pitches on the extremely steep Maugué pillar is still outstanding. The two climbers and mountain guides Tobias Bitschnau and Christoph Schranz are fascinated by the distinctive and exposed line of the route. So, they decide to tackle the project. The key passages and the quite untypical rock quality for Verdon demand everything from them. After several throwbacks Tobias finally manages to make the first one-day redpoint ascent of the route. A few days later Christoph is also successful. For both of them, this is a big dream come true. Yet, for Tobias and Christoph the excitement of climbing such a route not only lies in overcoming the difficulties or in completing an unfinished project, they are living their passion for climbing. And all this on a fascinating and challenging line in one of the most impressive landscapes of the Alps.

Bergfilmfestival Salzburg, Austria (2017), Bergsichten Filmfestival Dresden, Germany (2017)


12:10 am – 12:42 am – Ice and palms, Germany, 2018, Philipp Becker, Jochen Mesle, Max Kroneck, Johannes Müller, 32`

 Bikepacking across the alps and skiing some iconic mountains along the way – no motor allowed! Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck are not your everyday freeski athletes, and they have realized their longtime dream. Their biggest and most extraordinary ski tour so far. In just five weeks the two friends have traveled from their homeland of Germany across the Western Alps to the Mediterranean by bicycles, and have skied the most beautiful mountains on the way. They have not only been searching for pristine untouched slopes that challenged them as Big Mountain skiers, they also had to cover the whole distance without a motor – their skis strapped on their bikes or the bikes strapped on the backpacks. The two had traveled the world for many mountainous adventures, but over the last few years, the idea for „ICE & PALMS“ had grew in their minds: a ski adventure that started right on their own doorsteps. 5 weeks, 1,800 km and about 35,000 vertical meters – one dream, once across the Alps.

Audience Award Filmfest St. Anton; Filmfest St. Anton, Freeride Film Festival


12:42 am – 13:30 pm – break


13:30 am – 15:00 pm – “3×8000 special edition”, Bulgaria, 2018, Georgi Tornev,  90`

 A documentary about Boyan Petrov and his accends of three eight-thousanders.





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