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23 November, Saturday

Big Hall

11:00 / 11:47 –Langkofel – die letzte Herausforderung, Italy, Reinhold Messner, 2019, 47`
It is the Val Gardena emblem of the Dolomites and the main pinnacle of the Langkofel Group. “Saslonh” is the Ladino name by which it is known among the locals – “Long Rock”. With its height of 3 181 meters, it is a popular destination among climbers. On August 13, 1869, Langkofel was first climbed by the “King of the Dolomites” Paul Groman. Together with two fellow travellers, he reaches the top of the southwest wall along the long usual route. The then law student in Vienna was the first conqueror of many of the peaks in the Dolomites (from Marmolada to Chima Grande), as well as one of the founders of the Austrian Alpine Association (1862). A monument was erected in Ortisei to commemorate his conquests. It is named after the Groman Peak (3 126 m) of the Langkofel Group. Paul Groman, the Dolomites’ most important explorer, once again returned to his favorite mountain in 1869. He traveled in a cart with his stylish leader Peter Zalcher and through Sesto. There are rumors in the Moso inn. Everyone knows that Groman is well off and his guides and porters are well paid. As Langkofel ascended, Groman earned himself the title of conqueror of one of the Dolomites’ most impressive peaks. At this time he was at the zenith of his fame and was considered one of the best and most famous climbers. When his family is impoverished, he is forced to minimize his alpine ascents, but for him his memories of Langkofel remain invaluable for the rest of his life.

11:47 / 13:00 – 83° Ski the North – A journey to the top of the World, Austria, 2018, Matthias Mayr, 55`
Seeking to find the most beautiful and remote places on panet earth the two adventurers Matthias „Hauni“ Haunholder and Matthias Mayr were once again successful. Less than 800 kilometres away from the north pole you can find the Arctic Cordillera. It is the most northern mountain range of the world, located on Ellesmere Island. Getting there and skiing the most northern slopes in the world is Hauni’s and Matthias’ next major goal…They set themselves the goal to ski the most northern slopes of our planet. Simply getting there is an adventure. The north of Ellesmere Island isn’t only one of the most remote places on earth but also one of the most cold. The island is home to polar bears and arctic wolves. On their journey up north the two adventurers don’t only face major athletic challenges but also meet up with the Inuit who actively support their plans.
Presented by Matthias Haunholder “Hauni” – member of the International Jury BFF 2019 – Q&A

13:00 / 13:30 – break

13:30 / 15:00 – The Weight of Water, USA, Michael Brown, 80`
The Weight of Water is a story of a blind man balancing the fear of drowning in the chaos of whitewater rapids with the powerful desire to be free from a prison of darkness. He embarks, alone in his own kayak, into the home of the most iconic whitewater in the world: the Colorado River as it courses through the Grand Canyon. Erik has already overcome some stunning challenges for both sighted and blind people, including climbing Mount Everest, but whitewater kayaking is different. The water moves unpredictably, the rocks that make up that canyon walls are absolutely unforgiving, the roar cuts him off from his guide’s voice and threatens his kayak, and his friends are also in equal jeopardy and fighting for their own survival. He soon discovers that all of the preparation and practice might not be enough. As the Grand Canyon’s crowning rapid, Lava Falls draws closer, Erik’s fear grows till it nearly paralyzes him.

15:00 / 15:33 – Cerro Kishtwar – An Ice Cold Story, Switzerland, 2018, Julian Zanker, 33`
The Kashmir mountains were then barred to foreign alpinists for several years. The ban was lifted early in 2010 and Stephan Siegrist, Denis Burdet, and David Lama made the first expedition into the region the following year to climb Cerro Kishtwar alpine style. They reached the summit via the north-west side. Siegrist had spotted a new line on the face, however, and returned in 2017 with Huber and Zanker, but the difficulties were harder than expected and they encountered difficult technical climbing. In memory of Julian Zanker

15:33 / 16:00 – break
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Visitor`s Information Center Hall

11:00 / 11:41 – Tor, Spain, 2018, Inaki and Mikel Urresti Arbulu, 41`
At the age of 42, Silvia Trigueros has completed some of the most difficult Ultra Trail races that exist. The Tor des Geants is a 330-kilometre long race, reaching altitudes of more than 24.000 metres and which takes you through the Alps in the Aosta valley (Italy), via the Gran Paradiso and the Mount Avic national and regional parks. Having finished in fifth place on her first attempt, Silvia once again gives a shot at besting herself. She will face down all difficulties, overall the mental ones as they appear.

11:41 / 13:10 – Climbing the Elixir, Italy, 2019, Monica Dovarch, 80`
In a world where we are constantly harassed by tips on what to do and eat for a strong and healthy life, it seems bizarre that danger exposure, adaptability to nature asperities, an almost unvaried diet and long periods of isolation are amongst the basic factors of longevity. Yet, when taking a journey through time while listening to the stories of Sardinian elderly shepherds from Baunei, Urzulei and Dorgali, in Ogliastra and Nuorese Provinces, it comes naturally to wonder about these improbable factors. Here indeed there is the world’s largest concentration of centenaries. Through the adventures of two passionate local hikers, who have been exploring the home of these brave men made of craggy cliffs and rough terrain in Supramonte mountains, the documentary relive their legendary challenges and feats, triggering reflections on the fascinating mystery of life. Presented by the director Monica Dovarch – Q&A

13:10 / 14:00 –break

14:00 / 15:10 –Pumori – the daughter of the mountain, Spain, 2018, Iban Gonzales Pagaldini, 60`
This documentary film featuring Alex Txikon, pays tribute to the young mountaineers from Spain who died during the 2011 expedition to Pumori peak, telling in parallel the awesome story of the young Nepalese girl Suku Maya and the bond generated between her and the family of one of the boys who lost his life in that tragedy. Presented by Alex Txikon (Spain) – official guest of Bansko film fest 2019

15:10 / 15:40 – WIND2WIN, Bulgaria, 2019, Stoil Dimitrov, Borislav Kamilov, 30`
“WIND2WIN” is a short documentary about two windsurfers and their unconventional way to draw attention to the issue of plastic pollution in the seas. Doing such a windsurfing challenge for the first time ever, they spent 24 hours in the water for 3 days to pass the 300-km distance from the northernmost to the southernmost points of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The aim: raising awareness of the plastic pollution of the waters. The expedition included boats, dopphins, a captain, two marine biologists and water and biodiversity research. What we want is to find the answers to two very important questions – how polluted is the Black Sea and what we can do to change that? The film is produced by Remove Remove Productions & Beardfrost Productions. Presented by Iliana Stoilova – Q&A

15:40 / 16:00 – break
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Turzestvena Hall

Special program “Destination: Water”

11:00 / 12:15 – La Ola Sin Fronteras/Transcending Waves, Argentina, Julian Azulay, Joaquin Azulay, Fernando Salem, 74`
The Gauchos del mar brothers explore the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), a 700 hundred islands archipelago, aiming to unite and construct bridges through surfing and the ocean. After the 1982 War, the islands have been a very delicate subject in the Southern Hemisphere. This project aims to bring peace and start building a relationship in between the inhabitants of the Islands and Argentina that have been distant for more than 35 years. They find out that there are two local brothers who also surf and were also born after the conflict. They want to share some waves with them and make new friends as they usually do in their adventures, but the conflict seems to trespass generations. They go on an expedition for 50 days immersed in the islands´ culture while searching for waves on foot, in a 4×4 truck, in inter-island planes and on a sailboat. They manage to explore uninhabited islands through a constant adverse climate and are surprised by the natural beauties that surround their coastlines, landscapes, and the local fauna.

12:15 / 13:02 – Give Me Wings, Spain, 2018, Xavier Coll, 47`
Give Me Wings is a visual guide of some classic climbing routes around the World. And those routes are not only classics, but also perfect spots for flying from their tops. This could be the first documentary guide for those who wish to take climbing to another level, completing their adventures with the beauty of flying. Shot in Spain, Italy and Jordan a group of friends travel some of the most stunning landscapes to combine their three passions: Traveling, Climbing and Flying. The film was shot in three different countries: Spain, Italy and Jordan.

13:02 / 13:40 – break

Special program “Destination: Water”

13:40 / 15:03 – Priboi, Russia, 2018, Konstantin Kokorev, 80`
Priboi is a film about the search and conquest of waves throughout Russia, into the most inaccessible spots across Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Makhachkala, Vladivostok, Abkhazia, Crimea, the Arctic, Kuriles and Sakhalin island. A two year-long journey from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka and across the Arctic Ocean all the way to the Caspian Sea. Amazing cinematography by Konstantin Kokorev, giving us a great insight into how the surfing culture in Russia was born and continues developing, as we witness Kostya Kokorev, Sergei Rasshivaev, Anton Morozov, Irina Kosobukina, Dmitry Pitiya, and David Dzhalagonia writing the history of surfing in Russia.

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