Film program – 22 November, Thursday

22 Nov, Thursday

Turzestvena Hall, Culture center “Nikola Vapcarov”


11:00 am – 11:12 am. – „A journey in search of Аbul Аrabi“, Egypt, 2017, Akram elbezzawy, 12`

Abu El Araby , a mythical character engraved in the Egyptian culture known for his glorious achievement and super powers. ports said the city that witnesses the glory of the national super hero who is compared to the likes of 007 and superman, is where our journey begun. we have embarked on this journey in search for answers from locals of the coastal city on his existence.


Official selection : Minimalen Kortfilmfestival 2017, Official selection : Doc Sunback Film Festival 2017, Official selection : International Tour Film Festival 2017, Official selection : Kargil international film festival 2017, Official selection : short to the point international short film festival 2017, Official selection : Mostra viva del mediterrani 2017, Official selection : South London shorts 2018, Official selection : Cardiff International Film Festival 2017, Official selection : cinemaway film festival 2017, Official selection : Lublin film festival 2017, Official selection : Roma cinema documentary 2017, Official selection : docfeed documentaire festival 2018, Official selection : short. sweet. film fest 2018, Official selection : wales international documentary festival 2018, Official selection : FIFEQ – Montreal 2018, Official selection : Qumara film festival 2018, Official selection : muscat international film festival 2018, Official selection : The RIOS – International Documentary Film Festival and Transmedia 2018, Official selection : SCENECS International Film Festival 2018, Official selection : The African Film Festival – TAFF 2018, Official selection : Alexandria short film festival 2018, Official selection : Gabes Film Festival 2018, Official selection : REALTIME INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2018, Official selection : المهرجان اللبناني للسينما و التليفزيون , Official selection : Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival 2018, Official selection : I will tell international film festival 2018, Official selection : 6TH INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL IERAPETRA 2018, Official selection : African smartphone international film festival 2017, Official selection : Ferfilm Festival 2018, Official selection : مهرجان الساقيه للافلام التسجيليه, Official selection : Ellensburg Film Festival 2018


11:12 am – 11:42 am – „Life and death struggle“, Slovak Republic, 2018, Anna Žembová, Lukáš Kačerjak, 30`

A documentary about air rescue service in the mountains produced at the occasion of the 45th anniversary of its service. It is mapped from its inexperienced beginnings, coupled with the reluctance of the state to build a helicopter rescue in the mountains on one side and a passion for flying and a desire to save lives on the other. The film explains the motivation behind, we learn about human side of the service and work in the air rescue service – methology, first attempts and mistakes. The film consists of authentic archive engagements from the first helicopters, etc.


11:42 am – 11:47 am – ”Portraits of Pirin”, Martin McNally, 5`

A few poetic perspectives from in and around the Pirin mountain range, and the magical town of Bansko at 3,030 ft/925 m above sea level.


11:50 am – 12:33 am – “The Clean Approach – Essere Outdoor”, Italy, 2018,  Luca Albrisi, Alfredo Croce, 43`

Can a pair of ski or a splitboard help make us feel like part of the whole? And putting our hands on the rock, can we come to understand our position in the world? The Clean Approach is a documentary on the rediscovery of the deep relationship between man and nature through the practice of sustainable outdoor activities. While on the one hand, outdoor practices can be a means to increase the awareness of human beings regarding their own, effective, belonging to the natural world – bringing us to a biocentric view of the existence – on the other, if practiced without environmental awareness, they can represent an impact on the ecosystem. The journey of three “clean” outdoor enthusiasts through the four seasons and through some protected natural areas, accompany a philosophical, anthropological and emotional reflection on the human belonging to the ecosystem and the concept of “limit” in its various forms. An adventure to discover those places where man and nature meet without masks to know each other more deeply and recognize each other.

Adventure Award Days – Arco – April 2018. Odventure Outdoor Festival – S. Candido – June 2018. Sestriere Film Festival – Sestriere – July 2018. Cervino Cinemountain – Cervinia – August 2018. Swiss Mountain Film Festival – S. Moritz/Engadina – August 2018. Milano Montagna Festival – Milan – October 2018


12:33 am – 13:30 pm – break

 13:30 pm – 13:50 pm – „Far Away“, Kyrgyzstan, 2018, Begim Zholdubai Кyzy, 20`

FAR AWAY – Synopsis of the documentary film: In this documentary film, the life that is full of difficulties between the mountains of Ydyrys Osmonov is being discussed. Ydyrys Osmonov lives between the mountains whis his wife. This documentary is about the struggles with violent cold and difficulties that have been part of their lives.


13:50 pm – 13:56 pm – ”S’abandonner au sauvage”, France, 2017, Lionel Prado, 6`

An adventure of ANTONIN CHARBOUILLOT & LIONEL PRADO. Travelling alone through the wilderness, Antonin and Lionel covered over 500 km in 25 days, by canoe, to finally reach their destination, Fort McPherson. Determinated to find the grizzly bear, they hitchhiked 2000 km through the Yukon and Alaskan territories, to explore the Great North further.


13:56 pm – 14:07 pm – “Viacruxis“, Spain, 2018, Ignasi Lopez Fabregas, 11`

Marcel and Andrezj are a legendary pair of mountaineers. They have been the first ones to conquer the highest and hardest peaks. Despite their different temperaments, they make a great team. Marcel has taken the lead and popularity, whereas Andrezj always plays a secondary role. Now they face the biggest challenge: reaching the virgin summit of the highest mountain. In order to achieve this, they will have to overcome formidable obstacles, suffer hardships and stand each other for a long time. But Andrezj is no longer willing to continue in Marcel’s shadow.

14:07 pm – 14:52 pm – „Kilithon – Najwyższy Maraton Świata“/” Kilithon – The World’s Highest Marathon”, Poland, 2018, Maciej Jabłoński, Michał Gawron, 45`

 Rumbling of the drums, the smell of the African jungle and the drama at Kilimanjaro summit. Uncertainty at the top and the unrestrained joy during running down from the “Roof of Africa” – all this (and much more) in the film relation, which is a record of an amazing challenge taken by a group of daredevils in December 2017.

Sports Film Festival “Relay Race” (Warsaw, Poland), Getaway Festival (Poznań, Poland)


15:00 pm – 15:30 pm – break


15:30 pm – 16:23 pm – „Shangku Shelter“, Canada, 2017, Ben Stephenson, Vera Neverkevich, Yana Kehrlein, 53`

Zanskar is a remote kingdom in the northwest Indian Himalaya, where local people are snow-bound for six months of the year. About 10,000 Zanskaris live in the isolated valley. In winter, mountain passes are blocked, the summer Jeep road closes and buses stop. Two decades ago, three friends founded a ski school – to enable winter travel in the valley, improve quality of life, and to encourage young people to stay in Zanskar by helping establish a culture of mountain sports.  The film tells the story of this friendship, the ski school and the development of skiing in the area. Along the way a bigger question is raised.

6th Silk Road International Film Festival Dublin, Ireland, March 7, 2018, World Premiere, Nominated for the Best Documentary Award, , 49th Visions du Reel – Industry, Media Library Nyon , Switzerland , April 12, 2018 , Swiss Premiere , Market, , 6th Maine Outdoor Film Festival Portland , United States , September 29, 2018 , North American Premiere; Official Selection, 16th International Festival of Outdoor Films Ostrava , Czech Republic , October 8, 2018 , Czech Premiere , Official Selection – Mountain Film Category

Nominated for the Best Documentary Award at the 6th Silk Road International Film Festival


16:23 pm – 16:33 pm – „Uno strano processo“/„A strange trial“, Switzerland, 2018, Marcel Barelli, 10`

 “I have always wanted to make a film ABOUT hunting… that is… AGAINST hunting! But that’s not so easy when you come from a family of hunters… my thoughts are intermingled with my memories. I discuss it with my father: a hunter, of course. But my mother also has a thing or two to say…” (Marcel Barelli)


16:33 pm – 16:48 pm – „Women are Mountains“, Brazil, 2018, Renata Calmon, 15`

 Women are Mountains is a short documentary film that portrays the lives of climbers Mônica Filipini and Danielle Pinto in the quiet city of São Bento do Sapucai, in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. At the same time as they are responsible for their children and domestic affairs, they are able to enjoy their great passion: the mountains. With lyricism, this documentary showcases Brazilian feminine multi-pitch climbing scenery (a traditionally masculine sport in Brazil) and investigates the motivations of the two climbers practicing the sport.


16:48 pm – 17:42 pm – “Everest Unmasked” /  “Everest without oxygen”, Great Britain, 1978, Leo Dickinson, 54′

Legendary high-altitude climber Reinhold Messner pushes himself to the limit in achieving the first successful summit without the use of supplemental oxygen.


17:45 pm – 18:00 pm – break

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Visitor`s Information Center Hall


11:30 am – 12:25 am – ”White Wolves Ghosts Of The Arctic”, Germany, 2018, Oliver Goetzl, Ivo Nörenberg, Joosep Matjus, Alain Lusignan, Oliver Goetzl, 55`

At the very northern edge of Canada is Ellesmere Island, where the unforgiving Arctic winds tear through the tundra, dipping temperatures to 40 below zero. Running through this shifting sea of snow and ice is one of the most hardened predators on the planet, the Arctic Wolf. But as the spring melt approaches, these roaming hunters must adapt to being tethered parents as new additions to the pack have just been born. With never-before-seen footage of wolf family life, Ghosts of the Arctic is a dramatic and touching story of loyalty, companionship and devotion. It’s an epic true tale that reveals the struggles and triumphs of a family working to survive in one of the last great wildernesses on Earth.

IWFF Missoula, April 2018, USA Forthcoming Festivals: International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő, May 2018, Hungary; T-Film Ostrava Ostrava, May 2018, Czech Republic ; NaturVision Ludwigsburg, July 2018, Germany; Green Screen Wildlife Film Festival Eckernförde, September 2018, Germany

Awards and Award Nominations already announced at: T-Film Ostrava Ostrava, May 2018, Czech Republic; NaturVision Ludwigsburg, July 2018, Germany; Green Screen Wildlife Film Festival Eckernförde, September 2018, Germany


12:30 am – 13:00 pm – „A montanha do mar“/” The Sea Mountain”, Brazil, 2018, Rafael Duarte, Italo Yure, 29`

750 miles off the coast of Brazil, about one third of the way to Africa, the summit of an underwater mountain rises over the South Atlantic at 20,000 feet: the Trindade Island. The documentary, directed by Rafael Duarte and Italo Yure, produced by Jamie Portas Vilaseca and Rafael Duarte (29’), tells the story of the Miramundos expedition team’s journey to the island on a Brazilian Navy battleship, and the team’s mission was to disembark on the island to reveal some of the mysteries and charms present on that place that is mostly unknown to the general population and nearly impossible to be visited. The film depicts the team members’ efforts to visit the island’s main landmarks in only 45 hours after having travelled in high sea for 4 days, living with the military and following their training onboard.

Mountain Film Festival – Seven Summits Awards | Documentary Competition; The Norwegian International Seagull Shortfilm Festival – Official Selection; Snowdance Film Awards – Official Selection; SEFF – Smaragdni eco film festival – Official Selection; New Wave Film Festival – Official Selection; Ocean Coast Film Festival – Official Selection; Tourfilm Riga – Official Selection; Zagreb Tourfilm Festival – Official Selection; Mostra de Curtas Ambientais – Virada Sustentável 2018 – Official Selection

Mountain Film Festival – Seven Summits Awards | Documentary Competition


13:00 pm – 13:30 pm – break


Special panel –  “They can – People with disabilities and the extreme sports”


13:30 pm – 13:54 pm – “Une vie à apprendre”/ “A life to be learnt”, France, Italy, 2017, Eloise Barbieri, 24’

 Despite being paralysed as the result of an accident in the mountains, Vanessa François continues to climb with the help of her friends, who as well as being great climbers, also show themselves to be generous and supportive. After having successfully climbed the Zodiac route in the Yosemite Park, she decides to take on the Grand Capucin, an almost 4000 m monolith on Mont Blanc.

13:54 pm – 14:02 pm – “Aurrera“ / “Keep going”, Spain, 2017, Mikel Peña, 7`

Irene has been mountain running for forty out of her sixty nine years. Despite her advanced age and while she still has enough strength, she will not desist.


14:02 pm – 15:12 pm – “Feijao“, Brazil, 2018, Felipe Carrelli, 70`

 Guide, member of the fire brigade and storyteller. Meet Feijao, born and raised by the Chapada Diamantina Mountain Range, Brazil.


15:15 pm – 15:45 pm – break


15:45 pm. – 16:15 pm – „Parasol Peak“, Austria, 2018, Johannes Aitzetmüller, Markus Zimmermann, 30`

Pioneer of the hang (handpan), captivating musician Manu Delago has announced the forthcoming release of a unique and awe-inspiring movie and accompanying album, Parasol Peak out September 7th, in which Delago leads an ensemble of 7 musicians on a mountaineering expedition in The Alps. Along the way, the group perform a collection of brand new compositions in different locations, at varying altitudes.


16:15 pm – 16:41 pm – “A land shaped by women”, France, Austria, Iceland, 2018, Anne-Flore Marxer, 26`

Film story : « a land shaped by women » „a land shaped by women” is an inspirational depiction of the journey of two snowboarding world champions across Iceland. Anne-Flore Marxer (SUI/FRA) and Aline Bock (GER) explore the country in a van through their beloved adventure sports, snowboarding and surfing.  As their travel unfolds, playing in the mountains, in the waves or under the spectacular northern lights,  they introduce the viewers to the iconic icelandic women they met along the way. This film is empowering women and bringing a feminine narrative to the outdoor practice, it encourages all of us to be part of creating the world that will make sense and bring gender equality in the front of the debate. Protagonists: Gender equality has a long history and a special status in Iceland. As professional snowboarders who’ve fought hard for gender parity in a male-dominated sport throughout their careers, Anne-Flore Marxer and Aline Bock wanted to dig deeper into icelandic women’s mindset while combining it with their love for the mountains and the waves. Their trip is proving Iceland is the perfect playground for outdoor adventures.


16:41 pm – 17:04 pm – “8035”, Bulgaria, 2018, Stefan Milov, 25`

Two Bulgarian mountain climbers on their way to Gasherbrum II. The challenges posed to them by Pakistan, the unforgiving nature and the question of whether to continue to the top at all costs. What unexpected event occurred at Karakoram – the mountain, where the climate is even harsher than the one in the Himalayas? Which rules keep you alive in the high mountains? And which dreams will remain unfulfilled after this expedition…


17:10 pm – 18:00 pm – break

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