Film program – 21 November, Wednesday


 Film program

 21 Nov, Wednesday

Turzestvena Hall, Culture center “Nikola Vapcarov”


11:00 am – 11:23 am – “The children from Silvaplana 2”, Switzerland, 2017, Isabelle Jaeger, Marfarethe Sauter,  23`

Silvaplana is a rich village with 42 inhabitants, 14 of which are under 19 years old. This is so unusual that RTR Cuntrast made a film named “The children from Silvaplana” in 2006. Today, Nino, Armin, Urns, Michael, Sindy, Marko, Adrian, Riko, Jahen, Samara, Claudia, Tona and Roger are 11 years older. What happened with them? How did they grow up? Isabelle Jaeger went to Silvaplana for a second time to make another film showing the differences between the past and the present.


11:23 am – 11:47 am – “Kamchia 107“, Bulgaria, 2018, Galin Diakov, 24`

The film shows a successful attempt to cross the Kamchia River with a kayak that started 107 km from the mouth of the river. The river is officially navigable less than 10km from the mouth. The aim of the experience, which started in 2017 and ended unsuccessfully, is simply to cross the river from our village Khan Krum to the end. In 2018, we prepared, motivated and improved equipment. There is no official information for the last 30 years that somebody else has succeeded or tried.


11:47 am – 12:13 am -“National park “Fruška goLa” – Condition regular!“, Serbia, Ruza Helac, Aleksa Sainovic, 26`

In the National Park “Fruska Gora”  trees are  illegal cut down. Mountaineers and nature lovers are opposed, but the authorities do not react. It  is catastrophic.


12:13 am – 12:28 am – “Heritage“, Kyrgyzstan, 2018, Ilgiz-Sherniyaz Tursunbek uulu, Candos Coldoshev, 15`

The movie tells us about Kyrgyz national horse game named “The Kok-Boru”, its history of occurrence, the way how it originated and current state. In course of time the national horse game “The Kok-Boru” has become the heritage of nomad background people.


12:30 am – 13:30 pm – break


13:30 pm – 14:21 pm – „Wunderwelt Schweiz – Wasser und Eis“/“ Wild Faces of Switzerland – Water and Ice“, Germany, 2017, Ulf Marquardt, Marlen Hundertmark, Jost Schneider, 51`

 In spite of its small size, Switzerland boasts an extraordinary wealth of landscapes, plants and animals with surprising diversity and astonishing beauty that enthrals and captivates like no other.  The episode ‘Water and Ice’ takes us on an amazing journey from the highest peaks of the Bernese Highlands along the Aar and Rhine rivers to a spectacular finish at the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen.


14:21 pm – 15:51 pm – “Marcher pour Genna“, Belgium, 2018, Frédéric Furnelle, Olivier Bourguet, 90`

“Genna”, the Ethiopian Christmas takes place on the night of the 6th of January. For the Christians in this country, this is an important moment of bliss. During the weeks running up to that particular night, pilgrims from all corners of the country, start on a journey that will take them to a place where the celebration is the most grandiose: Lalibela, the Ethiopian Jerusalem. Two Belgians, Frédéric and Olivier, set out from the Northern part of the Simien mountains on a 23 day walk and become privileged witnesses of this walk of faith. Their march will take them through stunning landscapes in very remote parts of the country. They stray off the beaten track to connect the Simien mountains to Lalibela by foot.   Both are passionate about trekking, mountain vistas and memorable encounters. For Frédéric, a first timer in Ethiopia, the beauty of the land is a revelation. For Olivier who has been there 35 times already, it is a testimony to his unadulterated love of the country. We follow their journey, the hardships, the welcoming chance encounters, the unseen vistas & unpredictable weather patterns from both their perspectives : Olivier shares with us his extensive knowledge of Ethiopia and Frédéric gives us a first time glance and a good dose of self-derision. Though agnostic, this pilgrimage and the surrounding spirituality will have a profound effect on both protagonists. An emotional flow will slowly seep into them, long before reaching Lalibela.


15:51 pm – 16:23 pm – “Sand Climbing The Seventies“/“Lezení na písku – sedmdesátá léta“, Czech Republic, 2017, Karel Vlček, 33`

 Climbing in the Czech sand rock areas through the eyes of Karel Vlček in 1968 – 1973 in photographies and 16 mm films taken with AK 16 camera and Nikon Camera. The film was discovered after fifty years in the garage and digitized and completed in 2017


34th International Mountaineering Film Festival Teplice nad Metují 2017; 26th Festival of Mountain Films Poprad, Slovakia


16:30 pm – 17:00 pm – break


17:00 pm – 17:40 pm  – “The sources of butter”/„Sorgenti del burro“, Italy, 2017, Manuele Cecconello, 40`


A mother and her daughter on an alpine pasture in East Piemonte 1400 meters above sea level are surrounded by their animals, by grazing lands and by the power of alpine rocks. The day begins with the gathering of the cream, the cleaning-up of the cowshed, and the pro-duction of handmade butter – a Slow Food Presidium. In the long June afternoon, the daughter grazes the animals in the tall grass, the mother deals with the dairy production gaining the sus-tenance for her family. The second milking ensures the nourishment for the following day.



Visitor`s Information Center Hall


11:00 am – 12:06 am – ”Finale`68”, Italy, 2018, Gabriele Canu, 66`

 Fifty years after the opening of the first climbing route on the Pietra del Finale, two brothers, passionate mountain enthusiasts, decide to set off on an adventure on the trail of the pioneers who first launched the climbing history of these places.The result was a journey through the wild in search of memories and discoveries; vertical wandering exploring the tablelands and crossing the thirteen main walls of the Finale Ligure area, but at the same time an encounter and comparison with the leading figures of the past.


12:06 am – 12:13 am„28 obrazów Tatr Józefa Mularczyka“/“ 28 Paintings of the Tatra Mountains“, Poland, 2018, Roy Maltby, 7`

28 Paintings of the Tatra Mountains by Jozef Mularczyk


12:13 am – 12:22 am – ”Home Stories”, Austria, 2018, Flo Gassner 9`

The sun rises over the wonderful city of Munich, Germany. The alarm ends a magnificent dream of skiing untouched powder that glitters in the sun. In the train on the way to university the by flying landscape reminds of skiing again. The whole student day is shown quite quick until it’s all to much for the student and he decides to leave the everyday life behind. With his best friend on the phone he decides to go on an adventure and it looks like they are flying far, far away to Japan. In a match cut from a japanese restaurant to a tirolian mountain hut it becomes clear that they didn’t go to japan, but prefered to stay in their home mountains. The following powder action in „Axamer Lizum“ and „Mayrhofen” shows, that you don’t have to fly to the other side of the world to slash the white gold. In the next segment the crew heads over to „Zell am Ziller“ to enjoy some blue skies and show some stunning big mountain lines. For the season closing they all gather again in the „Axamer Lizum“ to have some good times together at a fun slush session with some steep curves and some little jumps. Flo Gassner und Valentin Werner-Tutschku are the main characters in the movie but they share the screen with Ben Hotter, Martin Kogler, Julius Thöni und in a kind of different role snowboard world champion Manuela Mandl.


12:30 am – 13:30 pm – break


12:30 am -13:30 pm  – Opening ceremony – Exhibitions


13:30 am – 14:31 am – “Nie dojechać nigdy“/“Never arrive, ever“, Poland, 2018, Bartosz Lisek, Piotr Strzeżysz, 61`

 “Never arrive, ever” is a story about Piotr Strzeżysz’s life – a modern nomad who has been wandering the world on his bicycle for more than 20 years. Solitary nights in uninhabited lands, interacting with ghosts, countless encounters with “others”, apprehension on the mother’s part, mountains, cats and unrelenting desire for not reaching the destination point – all this comprises a fascinating journey having its beginnings, as indicated by the protagonist, at the very moment of his birth.




14:31 am – 14:37 am – „Instant Film Adventures“, Germany, 2017, Jonas Julian Köck, 6`

Bastian Kalous is passionate about two things: Large format photography and the wild. Every free minute he sets out for new adventures, eager to find remote and hidden places which inspire him for his incredible work. Besides, these trips in the wild give him the chance to get away from it all and to come to rest whilst finding the beauty of nature.


14:37 pm – 15:02 pm – “We are the Rovers, Norway”, France, 2018, Antonin Michaud-Soret, Robin Montrau, 25`

 3rd movie of the trilogy, We Are the Rovers Norway will take you on a fantastic human paramotoring adventure and make you discover the beauty of the untouched Norwegian sceneries. The movie will take you out on land, sea and in the air to make you have a feeling of the greatest of the country. The trip is rythmed by the sound of the propellers, the movement of the waves on the BeXplore Boat and the unfinishing roads in the Nomads Bus. A human adventure where laughs, discoveries and the unexpected make every moment unforgettable.”


15:02 pm – 15:15 pm – “Balkan Mountains”, Spain, 2018, Xavier Esgleas Tarifa, Pep Cuberes Esgleas, 12`

All of my friends have heard of countries like Serbia, Kosovo.. but they don’t know exactly where they are situated on a map. So when I proposed a visit the Balkans everybody was very surprised. The Serbs told me that they had lost Mount Korab, the highest mountain of the country, during the last Balkan war. The area was land mined and they advised me not to approach it… What did we have to do?

35th IMFF, Teplice nad Metuji


15:15 pm – 15:25 pm – “Combø Norway“, France, 2018, Julien Colonge, Anthony Calvet, 10`

This year, Ubac Images is travelling to Scandinavia, in the remote islands of northern Norway. Lyngen Alps, Lofoten, Senja, all these places are renowned as world-class spots for ski touring. But the surrounding fjords also offer tons of potential for water activities. Julien and Anthony therefore brought kayaking equipment in their bags in order to access some ski lines from the ocean. Mountains can be capricious, and adding sea conditions in the equation can definitely become a challenge!


15:30 pm – 16:00 pm – break


16:00 pm – 16:54 pm – “Antarctica – 25 steps in the future”, Bulgaria, 2017, Cvetelina Atanasova, Borislava Dimova, 54`

 “Antarctica – 25 steps in the future” tells the story of the Bulgarian scientists working and living in Antarctica while accomplishing 25 successful expeditions. The film is made in memory of Cvetelina Atanasova.


16:54 pm – 17:03 pm – “Angelo”, France, 2017, France, 2017, Christophe Galleron, 8` – animation

It’s the early fifties, in the French Alps. Angelo, a mountain guide, leaves his name carved in a small refuge before disappearing. Sixty years later, fragments from his life are brought to light, as if spit out from a glacier.

Festival International du Film de Montagne (Autrans)  2017; Cervino Cine Mountain Festival (Italy) 2018


17:03 pm – 18:01 pm „Grizzlys hautnah – Bären wie wir“/“Grizzly Encounters with Chris Morgan – The Private Life of Bears“, Germany, 2017, Annette Scheurich, Klaus Scheurich

 Katmai’s extensive sedge meadows are like a lifeline for brown bears at a time when food is scarce for them. They attract Grizzlies in unusually high numbers, forcing them to congregate and tolerate each other in close proximity. It’s a challenge for these notorious loners … and an opportunity for bear researcher Chris Morgan. Able to observe them at close range, he witnesses bear society in full swing, from lonely youngsters getting to grips with life as adult brown bears, to anxious mothers trying to balance getting enough to eat with the security of their kids, boisterous youths ready to measure their fighting prowess, and love-sick males in hot pursuit of females ready to mate. Commentating with wit and in-depth knowledge, Chris explores the private lives of Katmai’s bears in unprecedented detail, and exposes different personalities, strategies and social bonds. It soon becomes clear how individual each bear is, and how adaptable they all are to the challenges posed by the unusual and surprising bear habitat on the Katmai coast. Above all, in order to succeed here, it’s essential to understand the rules of bear etiquette and social order – a skill that is passed on from mothers to cubs through the generations. Entertaining, informative and gripping, Chris Morgan takes us on a thrilling excursion into the world of Katmai’s brown bears.


Big Hall


18:30 pm – 19:15 pm  – Opening ceremony of Bansko Film Fest 2018






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