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21 November, Thursday


Turzestvena Hall


11:00 / 11:31 – The Project Mon Blanc, Bulgaria, Ivan Selnikov, 31`

The documentary about the ascent of Ivan Kozhuharov and his friends in the Alps – the 10th anniversary of the expedition.


11:31 / 12:06  – The Lonely Road, Iran, 2017, Mohammadreza Hafezi, 35`

Aziz Mohammadi, a nomadic teacher, tries to help people and students who live in the mountains of Kurdistan.

12:06 / 12:36 –Ritratti sonori/Sound Portaits, Italy, 2018, Paolo Vinati, 30`

New chants and languages are resounding on the Dolomites’ slopes. Sounds, which never before have been echoing in these mountains. People emigre for different reasons: for love, for their own safety, in search of work or to escape war. Every emigration tells its own story. To the spectator the task to give a shape to this story, by indulging themselves in those moments where the film leaves space to contemplate and to envision.


12:36 / 13:30 – break


13:30 / 14:15 –Polar explorer, Bulgaria, 2018, Maria Cherneva, 45`

The film tracks the work of polar explorers on Livingstone Island and King George. It tells about the important topics of scientists and what focuses the interest of biologists, botanists, climatologists and geologists, how people and locals live together. It gives a good explanation of what makes Antarctica the largest science lab and why the climate there is significantly colder than the North Pole.


14:15 / 14:56 –  Forward, Finland, Norway, Svalbard, 2019, Thomas Freundlich, Valtteri Raekallio, 41`

Two friends journey to the end of the earth, in order to dance in the polar wilderness of Svalbard. En route, they explore our ideas of the Arctic, along with the grand questions of life and art. ‘Fram’ is a unique and engaging journey to a place where few have been – and even fewer have danced.


14:56 / 15:00 – Fast Pedro, Ukraine, 2018, Sergii Grechukha, 3`

Petro is an ordinary guy from Kyiv who lives, as a majority, in routine life. In general, nothing really special, except one, he is one of the fastest snowboarders in the world.


15:00 / 16:15 – The Wind. A documentary Thriller, Poland, 2018, Michal Bielawski, 75`

The halny wind comes in cycles, in every spring and autumn. One never knows if or when it turns into a destructive gale. Halny particularly affects the inhabitants of Zakopane and its area, changing picturesque mountain trails into a set for an untamed performance of a human struggle against  destructive forces of nature.

16:15 / 16:35 –  The scallywags at the Arapi, Germany, Albania, 2017, Kilian Reil, 17`

We are writing the 24th of September 2017, the day of the Bundestag election in Germany, exactly three months before Christmas, everyday commitments and dates keep people on their toes. But all this is moving into the distant future. Here, at the summit of the Arapi, all this does not matter. I sit in the bivouac bag in the tent and wait. It is cold, windy and soon it gets dark. The black rooks gather, swing upwards and leave me behind – alone on the mountain. Then suddenly triumphant cheering! I fall out of the tent to receive our heroes. It is done! We have climbed the Arapi south wall! We fall into each other’s arms, there is dancing and the whole Balkan is filled with the echo of our cheers. Finally, after days of hard work, after hundreds of meters of climbing and at least as many lenses, we stand on the summit!

16:35  / 18:00 – break

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Visitor`s Infromation Center Hall


11:00 / 11:53 –Fino alla fine dell’Everest/Till the end of Everest, Italy, 2019, Davide Chiesa, 53`

FILM PRESENTATION: 53 minutes of strong emotions. How could a simple and ordinarymountaineer, like so many other in the world, conceive, realize and then tellfirst-hand ofthe climb to the highest mountain of the earth, hanging between dream and reality, epic enterprises and tragedies, already defined as one of the most dangerous places in the world? This is the purposeof the film by Davide Chiesa: to guidethe viewer, hand in hand and day by day, through the mountaineer’s journey, transmitting his feelings, fears, emotions, joys, and everything he felt along the way. We already saw many movies about the Everest and most of them were professional works. Yet this oneis innovative: it is a special film, one of a kind, deep, human, exciting and spiritual, genuinely filmed and edited, sincere and sometimes touching.Here,everyday life prevails on technical-specialist notes, in a small commercial expedition,where the use of oxygen is limited to the “death zone”. Filming and speaking beyond8000 meters involve a physical and mental effort at the limit of human resistance, already proven by the uninterrupted beating wind and the enormous strain of climbing those endless steps. In this context, Davide Chiesa proposes a real travel journal. Starting from the long preliminary training sessions, to the people and the fascinating environment of Nepal.From the colourfulworld of mountaineers, between the steep crevasses and seracs of the Ice Fall, to the life in the tents at the Base Camp and High Camps, and then the sad passing of UeliSteck,tent neighbour in his last days. And again,the afterthoughts and doubts, the personal dramas, the painful waiting forsome mild weather at the South Col, the desperation, and finally the stroke of luck whenthe wind decreases, which allows the climb, to only a few mountaineers, on May 20th. They start from the South Col with the constant awareness of death, which is one of the strongest pushes to life. They move towards the top, becoming aware of themselves. And then from night to dawn towards the final sharp jump overcoming the famous “Hillary Step” (here admirably filmed step by step) to where “there is nothing left to climb” and the vision hugs the infinity. A persuasive narrator guides us through this journey made of pictures and sounds and voices, comingfrom the mountain, as well as through the smile of a little girl,and then takes us back home, wondering about the meaning of this challenge. Perhaps you need more courage to face everyday life, where the ordinary is a real challenge? “Everyone has their own Everest to climb”, every day.


11:53 / 12:05 – Altitude, Austria, 2018, Nicole Scherer, 11`

On their way up to a mountain cabin Sarah and Thomas run into a dense mist and seem to go astray in the dangerous altitudes. In search of the cabin they encounter increasingly strange events. Lost in those heights, eventually a life-threatening battle between reality and illusion begins, which ends fatally.


12:05 / 12:30 – Anba, in the depths of Haiti, France, 2018, Vladimir Cellier, 24`

Olivier Testa explores the caves of Haiti since 2009, leading expeditions, trainings, and prospection projects across the country. While following the cavernal rovings of the speleologist, Baraka Flims sketches a colourful and rythmic portrait of the Pearl of the Antilles.


12:30 / 13:30 – break


13:30 / 14:07La spedizione di S.A.R. il Duca degli Abruzzi al K2, Italy, 1909, Vitorio Sella, 37`

A unique movie! One of the first mountaineering works of the silent cinema era. The famous Walter Bonatti writes about Duke Abruzzi: “I have a certain spiritual closeness to him. Equal were the troubles of life, an existence filled with difficulties, contradictions and disappointments, in which the sense of responsibility, dignity, independence of spirit and even deserved success, for which a high price was paid, are never forgiven to anyone and anyone. When it comes to Duke Abruzzi, I regret one thing – that my destiny did not allow me to live in his time. Maybe I would have been among his mountain guides !? With him on a rope on the slopes of K-2? Can you imagine !? ”


Special screenings – 65th Anniversary of the first ascent of K2


14:07 / 14:30 –Rios Patagonicos, France/Chile, 2018, Marie Leclere, Bruno Fromento, 22`

For several years, the association Regard sur L’Aventure has been organising scientific exploration and sportive expeditions. In 2018, the “Rios Patagonicos” expedition took 15 canyoneers to stride the immensity of Chilean Patagonia, in search for rivers and waterfalls. Their goal: explore untouched territories, spot and open over 30 canyons, on a unique territory, where canyoneering discipline is close to non-existent.  For some, “Rios Patagonicos” is the opportunity to go on an expedition for the first time. For others, more skilled canyoneers, the occasion to share their experience, at times on a difficult terrain. In the heart of Patagonian glacier valleys, all gather around a same desire: share a sportive and humane adventure.  A trip which will thrill the expedition members, awake fears in commitment, and group cohesion.


14:30 / 18:00 – break

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Night Cinema

Park Hotel Gardenia Hall


21:30 / 22:45 – Drømmeland, Netherlands, 2018, Joost van der Wiel, 73`

The 60-year-old Nils has turned his back on society and now lives in a wooden cabin in the mountains of Norway. Despite his attempt to distance himself from the world, Nils brought his cellphone and is confronted with his urge for contact.

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