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22 November, Friday


Big Hall


Special  program “Destination: Water”


13:00 / 14:16 – Badjao. Duchy z Morza/Walking Under Water, Poland / UK/ Germany, 2014, Eliza Kubarska, 76`

Underwater documentary about the last days of the Borneo sea nomads. A touching story of a 10-year-old Sari and his uncle Alexan, compressor diver from Mabul island and their unique bond with the ocean. The film presents the Badjao tribe’s ancient traditions as a magical narrative, spinning the urgent pressures into a hybrid of fantasy, fiction and fact.

Presented by the director Eliza Kubarska, President of the International Jury BFF 2019 – Q&A

14:16 / 14:34 –  Land of Wind, United Kingdom, Argentina, 2017, Laura Belinky, 18`

Tierra del Viento takes us on a beautiful road trip with fine-art photographer Eliseo Miciu as he sets out to capture Patagonia’s moving soul. You drive and drive and wind is the constant. Wind defines the landscape, the lifestyle, the habits… Just about everything here. Eliseo’s breathtaking pictures transport us to a seemingly different time and space. We follow him as he challenges the wind, perches from dazzling heights on a Condor’s nest and crawls though windswept grasslands to catch a glimpse of elusive wild horses. Between the flurry of activity of the photo shoots he finds himself surrounded by the vast emptiness of Patagonia. Calm conversations fill the countless long hours spent driving and slowly reveal the artist’s bumpy road to pursuing his true vocation.


14:34 / 16:00 – The last mountain, Poland, 2019, Dariusz Załuski, 83`

The true story of the climbing attempt on K2, the last Himalayan peak unconquered in winter. The expedition led in 2018 by mountaineering veterans and legends – Krzysztof Wielicki, Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko had successfully rescued Elisabeth Revol, French climber who was trapped on nearby Nanga Parbat along with Tomasz Mackiewicz. It was one of the most extraordinary successful rescue operationperformed in history of mountaineering.

Presented by Krzysztof Wielicki


16:00 / 17:00 –break

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11:30 / 12:10 – Aaron Durogati – Playing With The-Invisible, 40`

There is no human being for whom life has not reserved a kick in his teeth, sooner or later. Certain things cannot be dodged. What’s important is to have the ability to put the pieces together and move forward. Every odyssey needs its sea: it is in the luminous solitude of autumn in the Dolomites that Aaron Durogati, a formidable pilot and authentic aesthete of flying, faces his personal journey to learn how to rise and stand. An intimate and powerful story about fragility and human resilience, to rediscover flight as pure gesture and pure self-expression.


12:10 / 12:30 – Breath, Mexico, Ulises Fierro, 17`

BREATH – Fear, breathing, movement, presence. Breath, an inside look at Margarita Cardoso’s process to climb one of the most technically difficult and beautiful sport climbing routes at Los Dinamos, Mexico City.


12:30 / 13:30 – break


Special  program “Destination: Water


13:30 / 14:00 – Underwater archeology mission, Bulgaria, 2019, Ladislav Ctevkov, 27`

“Underwater Underwater Archeology Mission” shows how to do underwater archeology. What are the features and methods used by scientists. It answers the question, what are the features of the Black Sea and where are we on the world map in marine archeology. The work of underwater archaeologists is a special combination of diving skills and serious scientific knowledge. The film answers the question of what archaeologists are looking for underwater and what are their most valuable finds. – Production by BTV media group. The film will be presented by director Ladislav Tsvetkov.



14:00 / 14:30This is HERstory, Macedonia, 2018, Igor Hristov, 15`

Three female athletes from the Balkans, in a unique and loving way retell their great passion for climbing, mountaineering and living between the wildest nature.  Each one of them has highly demanding  goals to achieve. This short movie peeks  some of their successes and failures, through authentic art and extreme sports.  This is their story! – Presented by the director  Igor HristovQ&A



14:30 / 14:50 – Connected, Poland, 2018, Aleksandra Maciejczyk, 20`

One day in the life of a 50-year-old couple. Blind Krzysztof goes skiing with Wiola, who is his wife and guide. They prepare for skiing in the early morning. Krzysztof mounts bluetooth kits on the helmets that will connect them to each other. They go to the top of the mountain in a chair lift, and the higher they go, the more we learn about their life. At the same time, weather conditions are changing, thickening mist falls on the mountain slopes. When Wiola and Krzysztof finally reach the summit, they must find each other and connect in the surrounding  fog. A short documentary about love and passion.


14:50 / 15:08 –One In Eight Thousand, Mexico, 2018, Francisco Gonzalez Pina, 18`

A charismatic Mexican alpinist with no experience in the Himalaya attempts to climb his first eight-thousander mountain (almost 27,000 ft high) with no supplemental oxygen and in less than 24 hours. Along his journey, he questions his principles, confronts self doubt and learns the value of friendship and family. This short film is based on his own personal recordings that he left behind.


15:08 / 15:55 – Return To Earth, Canada, 2018, Darcy Wittenburg, 47`

Time is either spent wisely or it is just spent. Second after second; minute after minute; moment after moment… they’re all there for the taking. All you need is a simple machine that that defies boundaries and knows no limits. This is Return to Earth, the ninth feature from award-winning adventure filmmakers Anthill Films. A cinematic journey that will immediately transport you into that feeling of total immersion you get on a bike ride. Fly through the lush coastal jungles of Oahu. Feel the dust from Utah’s otherworldly landscapes. Lose yourself in the untouched mountains of Patagonia. Connected by true to life examples set by some of the sport’s biggest athletes, unsung shredders and up-and-coming youth, Return to Earth proves that when we lose track of time, we can make the most of it.

15:55 / 16:00 – Full Moon, Germany, Austria, Philipp Becker, Max Kroneck, Jochen Mesle, Johannes Müller, 6`

Closing lift stations and the setting sun mark the end of the action for most skiers. Not for Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle. While ski towns fall asleep they head into the mountains and see them awaking in a new light. The snow starts glistening again. Its just the sound of their skis turning in fresh snow that breaks the silence of the full moon night. This new ski film was shot without any artificial light during the full moon periods of winter 2019. A challenge not only for the skiers, but also for the filmmakers.

 16:00 / 17:00 –break

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Night Cinema

Park Hotel Gardenia Hall


22:00 / 23:20 – Jurek, Polska, 2014, Paweł Wysoczański, 80’

On 24 October 1989, Jerzy Kukuczka dies during the Lhotse expedition. It was the first time when we went to the Himalayas with money, equipment, and as a really famous person.

The documentary by Paweł Wysoczański does not, however, concentrate on the mystery of the Himalayan mountaineer’s death. It shows a person who climbs up, higher and higher – literally, but also metaphorically and symbolically. From a bootblack to a millionaire, from a socialist worker to an international media star, from the man who climbs without any money and equipment to the real competitor of Reinhold Messner in the competition to climb the Crown of the Himalayas and the Karakoram. Interviews with family and friends, archives, photographs, recordings, excerpts from television programmes and interviews make up the portrait of the Himalayan mountaineers in 1980s. It is also the image of the times in which they lived – hard and colourful at the same time, when idealism was valued more than fame.

Special screeningsMemory” – Remembering Jerzy Kukuczka, 30 years from the death of the legendary Polish mountaineer.


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