“Žiť pre vášeň”/ “Live for passion” (Slovakia, 2015, Pavol Barabas, 55’)

If mountains have a soul, then it is majestic. It was 90 years ago when a young student proved what was then unimaginable. Wieslaw Stanislawski climbed new and difficult routes of the biggest walls in the Slovak Tatras. With only hemp rope around his waist, he climbed with unbelievable passion and desire. In the winter conditions of Tatra walls, two friends ventured out to follow in his footsteps. They connect his routes, and mountains connect their thoughts. In the breaking avalanches, in the sun's rays, they find Stanislawski's message: if one does something from the bottom of his heart, he does it best.Honorary mention in the category ROCK - Hory a mesto, 11.-15.3.2015, Bratislava, Slovakia Parkstad Limburg Award - Dutch Mountain Film Festival, 23.2 - 1.3.2015, The Netherlands TV Slovenia Award - Mountain Film Festival Domžale, 23.-27.2.2015, Slovenia GRAND PRIX - International Festival of the Mountain Films, Poprad, 12.10.2014 (A visual tribute to a remarkable and phenomenal man whose influence and voice is still as powerful and relevant today as it was almost 100 years ago.) Audience Prize - International Festival of the Mountain Films, Poprad, 12.10.2014
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