Zakopane in Bansko “Tadeusz Gąsienica Giewont. Bez ale” (Polska, 2016, Bartosz Szwast, Robert Żurakowski, 66’)

"Tadeusz Gąsontica Giewont, Bez ale" is a documentary tale about the charismatic life of a Zakopane's guide, a Tatra rescuer, actor and musician, violinist of the Tatra folk groups. The feature-rich film contains valuable archival material showing the times of pre-war Zakopane, the youthful days of Tadeusz Giewont, accompanied by such artists as Helena Roj Kozłowska, folk violinist Bartuś Obrochta and composer Karol Szymanowski, for whom Tadeusz played the violin. The film shows the time of the September campaign in which the main character participated as a defender of Lvov from where he was sent to the camps, as well as post-war times of Tadeusz's difficult and laborious job in the Tatra Voluntary Rescue Service. Outstanding highlander music is a beautiful background for the speeches of relatives and friends of the hero, great experts of the Tatra and Podhale regions and highlanders. The story of legendary storyteller Tadeusz Giewont is a story of a world going away into oblivion ... „This era of beautiful guides, the good, the talkative, those who could tell and lead men to the mountains, the era passed. Something has finnished with Tadeusz ...” H. Doleżuchowicz
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