Zakopane in Bansko – Piotr Malinowski. 33 zgłoś się…”/ “Piotr Malinowski. 33 come in…” (Poland, 2017, Robert Żurakowski, Bartosz Szwast, 55’)

"Piotr Malinowski. 33 come in... "" is a story about passion for the mountains, which Piotr experienced not only as a mountain rescuer, but also an outstanding Tatra, Alps and Himalaya mountaineer. The film shows the character not only as a dynamic man of action, but also as a thoughtful and sensitive man in his private life. Blues enthusiasts who ran a radio broadcast, giving it the perspective of the mountain rescuer but also of the personal dimension. A colorful figure standing out against the background of the gray communist Poland. Piotr Malinowski's biography is so rich that it could be used as an inspiration for several screenplays. This story is told by people who were close to Piotr, who found it difficult to unite private life with boundless dedication to mountain rescue. The film's climate is emphasized by blues music composed for ""Piotr Malinowski. 33 come in... "". “It was the blues music that combined the character and film director. The entire film is maintained in radio convention "" (J. Brzosko"" Tatry"" 2017 No. 60) The document presents a unique footage of the first participation of Poles in ski-mountaineering competitions at Pierra Menta (1991) and archival unpublished footage like TOPR's (Tatra Voluntary Rescue Service) training few hours before the helicopter crash (1994)."
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