Une vie à apprendre”/ “A life to be learnt” (France, Italy, 2017, Eloise Barbieri, 24’)

Despite having lost the use of her legs in a mountain accident, Vanessa Francois continues to climb aided by her friends who, besides being formidable climbers, have shown enormous generosity and solidarity. After successfully climbing the Zodiac route in Yosemite, she decides to tackle the Grand Capucin, a monolith reaching almost 4,000 metres in the Mont Blanc Massif. Apparently, it’s in the mountains that Vanessa has found the best way of expressing herself despite being aware that her physical condition no longer allows her to live this passion in the same way as before and the effort required is overwhelming. Vanessa’s climb towards the summit of the Grand Capucin is above all a journey within herself, she gradually realises that her true prison is not her paralysis but the mountains she refuses to abandon.
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