“Surf Anywhere” (Canada, 2016, Desiree Bilon, Glenn Dixon, 10’)

"You can surf anywhere – even 1500m above sea level and 1000km away from the nearest ocean. This is the story of a small group of river surfing pioneers who are sculpting a world-class wave on the Kananaskis River, in the Rocky Mountains, forty-five minutes outside of landlocked Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Over the years Neil Egsgard and Jacob Kelly Quinlin, amongst others, have moulded a standing wave called The Mountain. They have not only built a wave, but also a river surfing community. The goal of their project, called Surf Anywhere (from which this film takes its name), is to create sustainable river surfing communities throughout the world. The river surfing revolution is here. Surf Anywhere – coming soon to a river near you."
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