“Shangri La” (Austria, 2015, Franz Hinterbrandner, Max Reichel, 47’)

The Austrian Bernd Zangerl is one of the best Boulder of the world, always trying to push the limits of possibility. In 2009 he saw an old photograph took in himalaya, where thousands of perfect boulders can be seen. Inspired by this, he started searching for this place. – and found it, his intimate Shangri La. Since then he spents several months a year in this enchanted village near the Tibetian Border exploring the countless amount of rocks. Mystic encounters with the culture of the locals there offer striking insights into "the lost horizon". With his close friend Alexander Luger, an advocate of traditional climbing , the Persian Climber Nasim Eshqi and the Canadian ace photographer Ray Demski, Bernd is tackling the best lines up there between earth and sky.
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