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“Riding 4000” (Italy, 2015, Michel Domaine, 53’) – Bansko Film Fest

“Riding 4000” (Italy, 2015, Michel Domaine, 53’)

Speedriding is an efficient mix of skiing and paragliding. Small and fast kites make you leave your traces on inclines hardly reachables just by ski, catapulting you through intrepid rides across breathtaking flights. Luca and Mattia, with little money but huge passion, have clear in mind what their goal is: freeing their kites for the first time over the highest European massives, the 4000m peaks around the alps in Aosta region, the same mountains that have surrounded and fascinated them since they were born. Riding 4000 is their story. The story about a trilogy of first world descents from Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Matterhorn. But mountains is unpredictable A story that talks about sport, speed, mountain and passion. Many stories that narrow down to one, the most important: friendship.
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