“Extremos”/ “Extremes” (Argentina, 2014, Federico Molentino, Juan Manuel Ferraro, 27’)

Tierra del Fuego contents a present time full of polarities, antipodes, extremes. Its landscapes, its vegetation and a contrasted city which si constantly moving forward, compose the surface to project images of selk´nam community, in which the past and the present coexist in the same narrative time. Through a technique called mapping (images or videos projection in 3D surfaces such as buildings or objects) and film editing, the story articulates originary ceremonies and contemporary behaviours, which generates a third new vision from usual situations. Extremes invites to reflect that, in the end,we all form one human being.. - BEST LATINOAMERICAN DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM - FESTIVAL IMAGENES SOCIALES .-LA RIOJA, ARGENTINA; - BEST SHORT FILM - FICMUS - USHUAIA - ARGENTINA; - BEST PRICE INCAA TV - FICMUS - USHUAIA - ARGENTINA
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