“Almklang halt nach”/ “Alpine Rings Linger” (Germany, 2014, Fumi Takayanagi, 20’)

In July 2013 in Tyrol the alpine farmer’s life begins once more with the droving of cows up to higher pastures. What do environmentally just and sustainable relations with nature – plants, animals and humans – mean on the mountainside? The film explores experiential knowledge about the interaction of weather, landform, flora and fauna, livestock and techniques. It portrays a contemporary way of organic small-scale farm life, showing how relatives and voluntary helpers from urban areas support of the farmer (61) and his aunt (89) in their physical labor. In the background of this mountain farming, the daily work of a few, one catches a glimpse of the winter tourism of many. Whether these are the lingering rings of alpine pastures from another world or bells signaling a future path is not decided.
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