“BNT presents” – “Being Hristo Pimpirev” Bulgaria

Country: Bulgaria

Director: Ara Hugasyan

Screenplay: Maria Cherneva

Cinematographer: Anna Andreeva

Year: 2023

Duration: 56 min

“BNT presents” – “Being Hristo Pimpirev” by the journalist Maria Cherneva is dedicated to the famous polar explorer, who was the first to wave the Bulgarian flag on the South Pole. The authors of the film managed to get to unknown and very curious stories from the childhood and adolescence years of the future researcher. They try to understand what the structure is and what drives a true scientist and a discoverer to follow his dreams. In the mission to understand what it is to “Being Hristo Pimpirev”, his close friends, colleagues and Antarctic specialists are of a big help to him. The film complements his image as a father with the stories of his daughter. Prof. Pimpirev himself shares stories and facts about the first scientific expeditions of Bulgarian geologists and where the roads to Antarctica go through.

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