BFF 2017: “Project Rockin´High”, Finland

“Project Rockin´High” (Finland, 2016, Matleena Saarensalmi-Hintikka, 71’)

Ancara, a Finnish hard rock band, has been playing for years and published 3 albums. However, the band has not succeeded in breaking through. Now they want to do it! Ancara decides to play in Mount Everest base camp and get their name to the Guinness World Records for having played the highest rock gig ever.

Project Rockin’ High follows the middle aged rockers since the beginning of the Mount Everest project – for two years. It turns out to be much more difficult to get sponsors than the guys thought. Record companies find the rockers over aged to be popular. But Ancara guys don’t give up. They have decided to make the gig happen in Nepal.

The protagonists of the documentary are the singer, sandwich entrepreneur Sammy (42) and guitarist Gary (35).
Project Rockin’High is honest and warm documentary about the boisterous project, unbelievable mess ups, succeeding and setbacks.

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