BFF 2016: “With Canvas Wings – Flying with Angelo D’Arrigo”, Italy

Bulgarian premiere of the film:

“Ali di tela. Volando con Angelo D’ Arrigo” (“Canvas wings”, Italy, 2015, Giovanni Pellegrini, Chiara Andrich, 64’)

Hang-glider pilot Angelo D’Arrigo is known throughout the world as the man who flew with the eagles. Angelo died in a plane crash in 2006, but to this day a large group of his friends continue to pursue his lifestyle, practicing outdoor sports and seeking, each in his own way, to achieve their dreams. Following the people who were closest to him “Taking Flight” will seek to recount the spiritual legacy left behind byAngelo in the land he chose to call home: Sicily. Flying with wife Laura and son Gabriel, and with his fellow pilots who were with him from the beginning, Maurizio Amico, Massimo Puglisi and Massimo Cantarella, or hiking and skiing on the slopes of Mount Etna with collaborator and friend Hugh Edwards, the documentary will paint a portrait ofAngelo D’Arrigo the man, the lesser-known side of the famous sports personality already portrayed by media around the world. The documentary will also, through the figure of Camilla, new student of the flight course at the school Etna Fly founded by Angelo almost twenty years ago, tell the story of the pilots of Catania who continue to pass on the spirit of this discipline made up of silence and air currents, of the observation of the flight of birds, and of knowledge and respect for the land.

Filmfestivals participation: 2015 nov Documentaria Noto Concorso “Panorami” – 2015 ott Premio Marcellino de Baggis – Festival Internazionale di Cinema Documentario Nuovi Orizzonti – 2015 set Annecy Cinema Italien Concorso Documentari – 2015 set Corti in Cortile Concorso – 2015 ago Clorofilla Film Festival Panorama – 2015 lug Adventure Awards Days Competition Concorso – 2015 lug Cagliari Film Festival Panorama – 2015 lug COFFI – Italian Film & Art Festival Berlin Panorama – 2015 lug Euganea Film Festival Documentari – 2015 giu Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival Documentary

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