BFF 2016: “Looking for infinity: El Camino”, United Kingdom, Spain

Bulgarian premiere of the film:

“Looking For Infinity: El Camino”,  United Kingdom, Spain, 2016, Aaron Leaman, 56’

“Looking for Infinity: El Camino” is an immersive voyage along the ancient pilgrimage El Camino De Santiago. The film is an emotionally driven chronicle of a group of people all at turning points in their lives, relatable to anyone searching for their own path. The film offers alternative ideas of lifestyle, modern thinking and overcoming of struggle, using the perspective of the viewer creating subjectivity and metaphorical meanings that are relative in everyday life. These journeys are accompanied by a completely original score from Richard Melkonian, an award winning London based composer. In 2015, he won the Mary Ryan Award for composition and was commissioned ‘Contradictions‘ for The Esperanta Ensemble. Richard was also a finalist for the AGBU Composition Competition for his piece ‘Andastan’ which was performed May 11th 2015 Symphony Space, New York. Richard works in a wide field of media and practices. He has written several scores for films such as Filip Firlej’s If It Be Love, premiered at the Raindance Film Festival & Emma Swinton’s short film Isabella.

Editing Aaron Leaman

Sounds Aaron Leaman

Music Richard Melkonian

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