BFF 2016: “The Secrets Held in the Ice”, France

Bulgarian premiere of the film:

 “Le Secret des Glaces”/ “The Secrets Held in the Ice”, France, 2015, Loïc Fontimpe, 14’

In 1957, on the occasion of the International Geophysical Year, the young student Claude Lorius joins the pioneers of polar science in Antarctica. He moves to Charcot, a tiny scientific base lost in the heart of the white continent, for a year. This extreme life experience teaches him the principles of survival and solidarity, and reveals to him his vocation: Claude will be a glaciologist.

Convinced that the Antarctic ices contain important information for the understanding of our planet’s climatic history, he will continue his researches without respite for three decades. After thirty years of relentless researches, the ices will reveal him an unexpected message…

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