BFF 2016: “The perfect man”, Denmark

Bulgarian premiere of the film:

 “Den Perfekte Mand”/ “The perfect man”, Denmark, 2015, Kasper Kiertzner, 30’

A documentary about the perfect man!
From his Bolivian mountaintop, Asser works with humanitarian projects with his girlfriend Ida. When he is off from work, he runs 40 kilometers in the Bolivian dessert to become Denmark’s best marathon runner. He lives his life from a distance, and has a heart and a mental strength, which differs greatly from the norm in Denmark. Is this the face of the modern man in the year 2015?
A man trying to hide himself behind social and humanitarian work, but who in reality only uses the work as a recovery process to reach his own selfish goal? Is it even possible to combine the love of another person with your own personal ambitions, when you strive to be the best?

Director Kasper Kiertzner and cinematographer Jonas Møller follow Assers life in Bolivia. They document Assers’s controversial life philosophy, his training, the relationship’s ups and downs and the consequences of trying to be the very best.


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